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RHOA Recap: Tea Is Of The Essence [Episode 11]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

Porsha is still pretending that she's a vegan, so she invited Wig over to help prepare a dinner with her. Ugh. Since when was Kim Zolciak a vegetarian? Someone please find me a gif of her eating meat. As per usual Kroy drove Kim over to Porsha's house and waited in the car the time whole time.

What is he doing in there? Playing Candy Crush? That is beyond weird to me. Wig asked about the Houston trip and Porsha spilled the tea on Kenya's bathroom antics from the last episode where she all but quit the show. Kim didn't miss the opportunity to trash talk her foe and continued to regurgitate the same old bullshit about Kenya being fake married. Ugh. Move the fuck on Wig! After their chef was done preparing the food, Wig and Go Naked ate the food, smiled and pretended like it was nice, but you know that Porsha went down to KFC 30 minutes after filming wrapped.

Cynthia invited Will over to Lake Bailey to make sushi but after she fucked up her California roll they just ate the prepared sushi. Smart move 50 Cynt. The shady editors kept zooming in on his hands, what are they trying to tell us? Big hands, big feet, big dick? Lucky Cynthia! I don't really have an opinion of Will but I definitely think that he likes being on TV because he wouldn't be Cynthia's boo if that wasn't the case. Will wants to be exclusive but Cynthia is still scrolling through Tinder trying to get some good dick which Will wasn't too thrilled about. He wants 50 Cynt to get her freak on and then settle down with him. Something seems very shady here and I think 50 Cynt should move on because she doesn't need another Peter.

Eva Marcille officially joined the crew and had lunch with her "friend" NeNe. I think that we are supposed to believe that these two are good friends but in reality they probably only met through their glam squad a handful of times. Eva has a 3-year-old daughter, her husband is campaigning to be mayor of Atlanta, she won American's Next Top Model, she knows Cynthia and Kandi and she isn't afraid to throw down. I think she is going to fit in every well in the ATL. She seems promising considering that the streets are claiming that she's going to have Kenya's peach for season 11. I think her braids as well, even though they have feathers in them!

While NeNe got to know Kenya's replacement, the OG Kenya was shopping for gym equipment for her husband's birthday. According to Mrs Moore-Daly, being a wife means that you have to be sexy, energetic and have a clean house at all times. Really bitch? I usually love Kenya but can't she just be her messy self? I feel like her husband is super controlling and it's causing Kenya to be super submissive for her new man. Even her cousin thought she was acting crazy. At the end of the day she purchased $7000 in gym equipment for her man who lives in New York as a bid to try and keep him Atlanta longer. If her peach is already in question and he lives in New York, then I think that the couple will be moving to New York very soon.

The time finally came for Kandi's Essence cover party and it was filled with drama. Porsha turned up and Kandi's shady assistant Don Juan did the most to try and ignore her and her lopsided booty. Most of Black Hollywood was in attendance which is always a sure thing when Kandi is throwing an event, she's got those connections!

Kim rocked up with Sheree up her ass and Kroy, who actually got out of the car this time, maybe he completed all the levels on Candy Crush? Wig didn't waste any time to tell Kandi that she bought one of her dildo's for one of her "really famous friends" ugh. Just go away. We all know that she is reaching to keep Khloe Kardashian in her phonebook! Peter was also at the event but he hightailed it out of there before he had to face Cynthia and her new man. Wow, that was probably the first time that Miss Peter ran away from the cameras. Don Juan announced that Kandi is going to be on Broadway as Mama Morton which makes me so happy, get that Tony Miss Burruss!

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