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RHOA Recap: The Peaches Of Wrath [Episode 9]

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This week started off with Porsha talking about her new movie role which must be very easy for her because we all know she’s amazing at acting, I mean, those season nine reunion tears were not real honey. Porsha thinks that her role in Sharknado and the play that Kandi gave her a part in is sufficient preparation for this movie. Proceed with caution Miss Williams.

Kim, Sheree at NeNe were meant to catch up for a nostalgic OG dinner but Mrs Leakes took a pass from playing with Wig and the Bone Carrier because of the elephants she felt that she had with both of them. Kim Zolciak is reclaiming her title as the messiest of the group and it didn't take her long to talk shit about each member of the show. Wig blamed Kenya for their brawl, even though she was the one instigating a fight that night. Kim also claimed that Kandi wanted to take a taste of her box and took a shot at her threesomes with Todd. Ugh. Wasn't this last season's news? Plus, Kim stopped being friends with Kandi around the time that she started dating Todd, so how would Kim know about their sex life, unless a producer fed her that little tidbit. Like Kandi's tagline says, don't mess with the boss because you might get fired Wig!

The monkey in a wig also started talking shit about NeNe's money by saying that she has a Rent-A-Royce (how long was she sitting on that zinger) and showed Sheree the video of Brielle playing with bugs at NeNe's white party. This is definitely foreshadowing for their MESSY Instagram feud that is yet to come. Why doesn't she worry about her 65 children instead of talking about grown people's business that has NOTHING to do with her. I am definitely #TeamEveryoneElse when it comes to Kim and her 30 wigs! Also, how did she shit talk so many people in such little time? Now that should be a new record!

50 Cynt also saw her new boo Will who is travelling to Brazil, where Kenya reminded him that there's legal prostitution, thanks for that Mrs Daly! I definitely think that Will is her TV boyfriend and nothing more, something SCREAMS opportunist to me! Over at the Chateau, Sheree and her son cooked burgers while she spoke to her prison boo on the phone who's "innocent." Oh please, everybody's innocent when their locked up on cell block 9. The platinum blonde wig sitting on top of Sheree's head is realer than the notion that Tyronne is innocent. Her son Cairo mumbled in the kitchen and I barely understood a word of it. Why is that family full of quiet talkers and mumblers?

After a few boring scenes it was time for NeNe's shady medium session. Mbale was the energy reader and she was shady as fuck! Maybe they should offer her a peach on this show because she would fit in just fine. As soon as the ladies arrived Mblae confiscated their phones and gave them a resting bitch face, okay Mblae! At this point there are definitely two teams forming: Wig, Bone Carrier & Freak on one team, with everyone else on the other. Kim rocked up to the reading session with a solo cup in one hand and an attitude in the other. Mblae tried to take her phone away and Wig said no because she has six kids. Umm doesn't she have a husband and a house full of staff to take care of them?

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