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NeNe Leakes: “There’s Always Been A Different Set Of Rules For NeNe Amongst These Girls”

NeNe Leakes is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe Leakes explains why she's puzzled by the sit down with Porsha Williams. Did you think that anything was resolved at Marlo's tea?
NeNe Leakes: Nooo, I definitely don’t think we got anywhere at Marlo’s tea party! I’m still very puzzled as to why I even had to sit down and talk with Porsha about something she totally created. She’s the one that chose not to talk to me in Jamaica for no reason. Well, mostly because she was with Phaedra. She’s the one that got upset when I gave her great advice during the Season 8 reunion. I used a very normal tone and I genuinely wanted to see her win. She’s the one that chose not to return any of my text messages! She’s the one that got upset with me when a caller asked me a question on WWHL and I gave my opinion as a viewer! She’s the one that sits on Dish Nation and chooses to speak negatively about me, but when I fire back, that’s when all hell breaks loose. I’m not surprised though, because there’s always been a different set of rules for NeNe amongst these girls. What went through your mind hearing Cynthia's mom's story?
Hearing Cynthia’s mom’s story was very touching, and it made my heart heavy. People carry things like this with them forever. I’ve been speaking for Women of Domestic Abuse for years. I’m surprised that after all this time no one ever said anything about being in an abusive relationship but me! I’m just glad that more women are speaking up and seeking help. Abuse is never OK! What was it like working with all the ladies on the PSA?

Working with all the ladies on the PSA was great! I wish we could come together more often and do things like this.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo