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The Real Housewives Of Auckland NOT Returning For A Second Season!

Looks like the fate of The Real Housewives of Auckland has been revealed. Louise Wallace revealed the sad news via Instagram and after a loyal fan asked if the controversial reality show would return for another season.

"Sadly, doesn't look like it will happen," she responded.

However, this is not the first time a cast member has revealed that RHOAKL was not coming back for another round.

"We've been disappointed because we've more or less been told there isn't going to be one for now," Anne Batley-Burton told The Huffington Post last year.

She continued: "I think it's a question of funds as to why we didn't shoot a second season - It's really expensive to film this in our really small country."

Fans were hoping to see the show return after it followed in the footsteps of The Real Housewives of Melbourne by being picked up Bravo in the U.S. - something that the Sydney installment of the franchise failed to achieve, reports The Daily Mail.

The series gained a lot of high profile celebrities fans in America, including actress Lena Dunham and comedian Heather McDonald.

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ