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Lala Kent Goes Public With Recently Divorced Boyfriend Randall Emmett!

Lala Kent rang in the New Year with her Hollywood producer boyfriend Randall Emmett — and responded to the haters questioning their relationship. “2017… You were tough. You were amazing. You made me cry. You made me smile. & sometimes you really sucked. But look where You brought me- Just as a human being,” the Vanderpump Rules star captioned a selfie of Emmett kissing her face. ”

“The growth I feel is like nothing else,” Kent continued in the Instagram, posted on Monday. “"I want everyone to remember to shake things off. Go with your heart," the Bravo reality star added. "Go with your gut. Trust your mind. People can say things. People can write things...but no one in the entire world knows your truth. Only you do. Never forget that. I took on 2017 like a f--king champion. I fully intend to do the same in all years to come. I hope you do the same.”

As previously reported, the 46-year-old movie producer's divorce has finalized from his wife of eight years, Ray Donovan actress Ambyr Childers. The former couple shares two daughters together.

The two were married in 2009, but separated in 2015 and then again in 2016. They filed for divorce in January of 2017. The divorce was finalized earlier this month on Dec. 22, just a few weeks after Emmett and Kent were spotted kissing at a FabFitFun event in Beverly Hills Dec. 7.

“They were side by side the whole time, but they weren’t doing the PDA snuggly thing,” an insider told Page Six of the pair. “They didn’t leave each other’s side.”

“He was definitely being more cautious than her,” the insider said. “They weren’t being shy about [their relationship]. Even when they left, they were together but he was still two feet in front of her. She was hugging people and taking photos when she was leaving.”

“[Emmett] reached out to [Kent] through her social media/email personally,” the insider said, explaining that Emmett was a fan of “Vanderpump Rules” and had seen her on the show. They met at a “swanky Beverly Hills hotel” shortly after, the insider added.

In January, Stassi Schroeder hinted at Emmett’s identity on Twitter. "When you're desperate & not captivating enough on your own. @lala_kent - give Randall a huge kiss from all of us you fat shamed."

As for his relationship with Kent, the new flames appeared to have tried (and failed) to keep their relationship under wraps until the ink was sealed on the 46-year-old's divorce to the 29-year-old.

On the show, Kent repeatedly denied her mystery man was married and bankrolling her lavish lifestyle. After Katie Maloney, Jax Taylor and others questioned her relationship, Kent quit her hostessing job at Lisa Vanderpump's Sur—and with it, the hit show—midway through Season 5.

However, Kent returned back three episodes into Season 6 admitting that Emmett had, in fact, paid for her Range Rover—something she couldn't afford on a hostess' salary. But, as she explained to LVP, "My man is not an ATM machine."

Meanwhile, Kent seems to be making light of things, recently launching her own lip gloss line and naming a shade “Randy.”

“It’s named after a special person,” she told Us Weekly. “And obviously I had to poke fun at last season so we had to go with The Affair and we had to go with Mistress.”

She also told the publication that she would mention her boyfriend on air, but he will not make any appearances this season.

Photo Credit: Instagram