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Lala Kent Ends Her Friendship With James Kennedy — James Responds!

Lala Kent took to Twitter to publicly announce that she was ending her relationship with Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy after their explosive argument aired during Monday night's episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

Kent explained her reasons why she was distancing herself from him and why she's "mourning the loss of our friendship."

“Tonight’s episode is nothing short of cringeworthy. James had always been a dear friend of mine. I make sure I baby him, I make sure he always knows I’m proud of him and I’ve been nothing but kind to his girlfriend. I don’t need to say this, because it’s been seen from the beginning,” she wrote.

“I am constantly forgiving him for whatever venomous words he decides to throw at me,” she continued. “I remember the day that he attacked the person I love the most. The person that is my human. My everything. The one I would die for, and live to protect. I let it slide for some reason… maybe out of shock.”

She added: “After rewatching it, reliving it, and then dealing with his constant attack’s on a regular basis, I’m sadly mourning the loss of our friendship.”

Meanwhile, James took to Twitter to react and respond to Lala's annoucement.

“Woke up today totally blindsided by Lala telling me she is distancing herself from me and isn’t celebrating my bday with me, he wrote.

“I find it very hypocritical of her to constantly pretend like she’s best friends with Katie and Kristen, who have done nothing but talk shot about her and her man for 2 years,” he continued. “But god forbid I let my temper get the best of me and she decides she needs to publicaly bash me.”

He added: “Lala will always be a special person to me and maybe we can talk just the 2 of us instead of  blaming me on Twitter :/” 

If you recall, Kent and Kennedy had a massive blowout on the latest episode of #PumpRules. As Kennedy was taking a few shots with Kent and his best friend Logan Noh, Kennedy explained to them that his girlfriend Raquel Leviss was moving in and they joked about “eating all of her pasta,” from a party days earlier, which rubbed him the wrong way.

“Oh, yeah, you think you can be mean? You want to bully a little girl with her pasta? Poor Raquel?” he told Kent. “A more beautiful woman than you will ever be? Don’t f**k with my b*tch, because I will f**k with your fat f**k man.”

Kent was in shock as Kennedy continued to attack her. “He’s gonna get bored of you, and he’s gonna be on to the next young, pretty blonde. You want the truth?”

Kent tried to diffuse the situation, by saying: “James, I literally said that Raquel said, ‘Do you want some of my pasta?'”

But James wasn't having any of it. “We’re not talking about the damn pasta, get over it. You’ve always been a b*tch to her, to Raquel. Honey, honey, you f**k a fat man because he pays for your rent.”

Kent then had enough and fired back. “You know what? You can’t say whatever the f**k you want. Learn your f**king place, mother**ker, or else you’re gonna learn real goddamn quick when you look next to you and I’m not there anymore.”

Kent stormed off yelling: “You’re gonna be real f**king upset. So, know how the f**k to talk to somebody when they’re your friend. I’m out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo