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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Clarifies The Comments She Made About Kandi Burruss: “Saying I Wouldn’t Let Someone “Lick My Box” Is Totally And Completely Different Than Saying She TRIED!”

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim Zolciak-Biermann clarifies the comments she made about Kandi Burruss. What did you think of Mbele the medium? 
Kim Zolciak-Biermann: I think she is a fraud, inaccurate, and rude. It's unfortunate that people like her give real mediums a bad name. Why were you and Porsha holding hands during the reading? 
We were holding hands because Kenya proceeded to yell at me, and I will never give Kenya an ounce of my energy again. While she was busy insulting me, I was channeling my energy elsewhere. Thank you, Porsha! Do you think anything was resolved at the "Elephant Room" event? 
I didn't know that the ladies had intentions of "resolving" things, but to me it seemed fake. Nothing ever seems to get resolved, but it brings me hope that these women are learning quantum psychics. Having practiced this myself for over twenty years, it shows me how far away they are from truly understanding energy and the belief system. I have learned from being on this show after all these years that things just get slung back and forth. I left these ladies in utter chaos eight months pregnant with Kash while being verbally attacked. When I decided to come back with my friend Sheree, I had hoped that these women would have grown and evolved, but that is not the case. I feel like they have brought me down to their level of chaos, drama, and unhappiness, and for that I am disappointed. How did you feel after your one-on-one sit down with NeNe? 

I had the best of intentions going into this sit down, but I had a feeling there was probably going to be some tension because of the handicap parking spot situation. I do not believe she had a handicap person with her, and I don’t condone that behavior. This was my first time sitting down with NeNe in three years in what I thought would be a great time to see what she has been up to, her successes, her failures, whatever. Just to simply catch up. But sadly I was not met with these same intentions. I have known NeNe for over fifteen years, and I felt like at her "White Party" her body was there but her mind wasn't, so as a friend would do I asked, "Are you OK? Are you on drugs?” All out of sheer concern for her.

I need to address this stuff with Kandi: Saying I wouldn't let someone "lick my box" is totally and completely different than saying she TRIED! There have been points in my friendship with Kandi where there has been tension, disagreements, etc. and out of my knowledge about how open she is with her sex life, I jokingly said the tension might be from me not letting her lick my box. I never said the phrase, "I swear on my kids I wouldn't let her lick my box." Two different sentences said at two different times. All that being said, Kandi and I both know what has gone on during our entire friendship and for her to react the way she has was alarming to me and shows just how far the disconnect is after being gone so long. I had and do have a friendship with Kandi, and I have dealt with this the way friends should.

My final thoughts: To be called names and attacked puts someone in a very defensive position. My behavior is a direct reflection of that. We can circle back around to where these women have brought me down to their level of unhappiness, and I didn't do a great job of keeping my energy in alignment with who I am as a person; however I am happy that I can take this opportunity to better myself and learn from this and continue to grow. Maybe some others should try this as well. It’s evident that their talks of "energy" and "positive energy" are just a "show" and a mockery of me, because their behavior reflects the direct opposite of that. It’s clear they have no idea what they are talking about in regards to the belief system which they keep referring to, by how they act and by what they say. Keep studying, ladies! For all my fans, I hope this shines some light on this situation.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo