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Janet Roach Shares What She Really Thinks About Gina Liano Accusing Sally Bloomfield Of Calling Her A ‘Wog Bitch’ Off-Camera!

Janet Roach is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet Roach talks about her Mexican injury and shares her thoughts on Gina Liano's feud with Sally Bloomfield.

Janet writes:


We are in Mexico!

I must admit, I do love travelling with the girls. On the flight over we had so much fun. We were all up at the Bar, laughing and telling jokes. When it is good with them it is very good. These are the times that make me persevere with them as friends. They can be hilariously funny.

I am a little concerned about us all staying in the one house together. When we stay at a hotel, we can get away from each other if we want to.  We have never shared accommodation before. With all this BS Lydia is spruiking about a rift between Jackie and I, living together might be more than I can bear.

And on that point.  Firstly, if I was unhappy with Jackie, do you think she would not be aware of it. If I was unhappy with Jackie, don’t you think I would tell her. Secondly, Jackie is Psychic, you cannot keep a secret from her.  Ben can’t even buy her a surprise because she already knows what it is.  It’s complete BS.

We were all blown away by our accommodation when we got there. 10 suites each with private balconies on a cliff overlooking the sea, in a very exclusive gated community. It doesn’t get much better than this.

It was fun all living together, my doubts were unfounded. It was party central. Hence my accident.

Too much tequila.  Many people asked me about my injury in Mexico. What can I say?  I’m a lousy liar. When I explained that I had fallen over in the middle of the night after a bender on tequila, so many of the Mexicans said “everyone who drinks Tequila will have an episode at one time or another”, it’s like folklore in Mexico.  At least I’ve had mine now. But I cannot even bear the smell of it.  Tequila and I have parted company.  My son said “haven’t you heard the expression “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.  I was mortified when I realised my dress was on backwards when I went to the hospital. I was very careful and quite embarrassed by the incident for the remainder of the trip.

Tensions are high, and we seem to have split in to two different camps. Then Gina makes this accusation that Sally called her a “Wog Bitch”. I see now that the accusation has been embellished further saying Sally told Gina to ”shut up Wog Bitch”. Then Lydia pipes in saying she heard Sally call Gina a “Wog Bitch”.   That made me so mad. Those two just go around making stuff up. And that’s my point about the supposed rift between Jackie and I.

Not sure if I can play with them anymore."

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel