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Janet Roach Admits She Would Marry Her Boyfriend Sam Gance ‘In A Heartbeat!’

Janet Roach is opening up about her relationship with boyfriend, Chemist Warehouse boss Sam Gance and admits she wouldn't mind getting married for a third time. "I thought I wouldn't marry again but I'm madly in love. I would marry him in a heartbeat," The Real Housewives of Melbourne star told Confidential.

"I was really resigned to the fact, being married twice, I was happy to be single again. I'd been single for five years and I was fine."

She added: "And then he just came into my life. You fall in love and it just makes everything better; everything brighter. You have a partner to play with. It's fantastic."

The couple has been dating for over a year now. Last year, Roach revealed she had originally started dating Gance — who she has known for about 30 years — last February before he gave her “the flick.”

When the pair rekindled their romance in the second half of the year, the reality star said she put in place a number of rules including that she would only see him on one weekday and one weekend day each week.

She revealed with a laugh that they only made it to the bedroom when she felt “pressured” after he had paid for so many of her meals.

Roach signed a deal last year to stock her Raw Essentials tea range in Chemist Warehouse stores — a deal she has said was inked well before her romance with Gance.

She told The Daily Telegraph that Gance doesn't want to appear on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, so don't expect him to make any appearances this season.

Transcript courtesy via The Daily Mail Australia

Photo Credit: Facebook