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Gina Liano Opens Up About The Grief Of Losing Her Father And Weighs In On Lydia Schiavello’s Feud With Jackie Gillies And Janet Roach!

Gina Liano is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Gina Liano opens up about the grief of losing her father and weighs in on Lydia Schiavello's feud with Jackie Gillies and Janet Roach.

Gina writes:

"I caught up with Venus and Lydia and could see Lydia was upset. Clearly she’s worn down and had enough of being targeted by the other girls. It’s always hard work having to defend yourself in situations where you’re being falsely accused of something or being someone you are not. Lydia has been a really good friend to me and she’s been extremely supportive. I’m happy that we have rekindled our friendship after a difficult time in season one and two.

Unfortunately Lydia is hurt that her friendship with Jackie fell apart. Lydia can see that Janet may not have the same loyalty to Jackie as Jackie may have to Janet. Despite her friendship with Jackie not being on track, I think she still feels innately protective of Jackie. A good example of our dysfunctional sisterhood. Nevertheless we can’t forget how this all came about. Lydia was accused of driving a wedge between Janet and Jackie but in fact it was apparent that there was already a rift in their friendship when we caught up with Janet for lunch.

Sometimes these issues seem rather trivial and really mean nothing at the end of the day. Dealing with the loss of my father has been a very difficult and challenging time and has put a lot of things about life into perspective. Anyone who’s lost a parent will understand the grieving process and those that haven’t can guess that the day your parent passes is never going to be a good day. My father’s passing was quite traumatic. As his medical guardian, I had to turn my mind to the feelings and struggles he was having while passing away and my job was to ensure that medically he was comfortable. In doing so, I became very close to how he was feeling and the anticipation of what was unfolding in front of my eyes. It was one of the hardest responsibilities I’ve ever had. Coming to terms with my feelings and the loss, I thought it was a good idea to get some counselling so I called on Teymara knowing she would give me some wisdom and insight.

One of the things that Teymara deals with regularly, is counselling people who are suffering loss and trauma and the symptoms like emotional eating. Strangely enough, the emotional eating seemed to be the giveaway that I may not be coping as well as I thought. 12 sandwiches later…I realised I needed help!

T has always helped me to put things into perspective and I’m so grateful to have her as a friend and confidant.

Fortunately I negotiated my eating plan with Teymara and we could leave chocolate on the menu! Good outcome!! I really didn’t want to pretend that I was ever going to give up chocolate. Somehow I think T knew this.

Jackies Birthday!!! I was a bit disappointed that Lydia wasn’t invited. Apart from the fact that I enjoy her company, I also know that the girls have an issue with isolating any of the girls so for Jackie to exclude Lydia spoke volumes.

Jackie has frequently given advice in the past about catching up one on one with any of the girls rather than in group when there are unresolved issues. Given that, I think that Lydia not being invited was not so much rejection, but maybe more of a master plan. I’m hoping at least.

Still no one on one with Jackie and Lydia (apart from a brief, tense phone call) but at the end of the day I was pleased that Jackie invited Lydia to Mexico and that she was able to put her differences aside so that Lydia didn’t feel left out. More importantly it meant that Lydia and I were going to Mexico together which I knew was going to be a lot of fun!!!

Jackie’s announcement that she was taking all the girls to Mexico was a huge surprise!! I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico and I rarely get excited… but I came very close with that news! I know this one will be a lot of fun. Hopefully the girls can behave themselves. On the other hand, sometimes misbehaving is the fun bit!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena