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Gina Liano Claims Sally Bloomfield Used A Racial Slur Against Her — Sally Fires Back And Denies Allegation!

Gina Liano and Sally Bloomfield took their feud to social media after the dramatic episode from this week's Real Housewives of Melbourne aired on Arena. Liano revealed in a now deleted Instagram post - claiming that Bloomfield used a racial slur against her.

According to the glamours barrister, she claimed that the former Harper's Bazaar editor called her a "wog bitch." Liano shared a post which shared the following caption: "#RHOMelbourne star @Gina_Liano was targeted by Sally Bloomfield in an off camera racial slur. Sally said to Gina "Shup up you wog bitch" racism has no place in Australia. Very disappointed Sally"

According to Google, a wog is a person who is not white. Meanwhile, the urban dictionary states the following: "1. a non-Anglo-Celtic European, esp. from Southern or Eastern Europe (e.g. Greek, Italian, Balkan, Slavic, etc.)  2. an Asian, esp. a West Asian (e.g. Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian, etc.), but now also inclusive of South Asians and Pacific Islanders."

Liano also took to social media to addressed the feminine comment she made about Bloomfield during their heated exchanged and revealed that she has apologized  and admits that her comment came out wrong after a fan called her out on it. "The feminine comment was meant to be simple sarcasm in response to the lawyer comment but it came out wrong. It was not a slur at all on her femininity. I think she is feminine and never though otherwise. I have apologised to her xxx"

Meanwhile, Bloomfield is denying Liano's accusation and took to Twitter to share her side of the story by setting the record straight. "I have never used the term Wog Bitch in my life! Gina has fabricated this story because I called her out on her behaviour.. Production confirmed no such words were ever used during the entire shooting of season 4.. Ask my cast mates.. @RHOMelbourne"

After a fan praised Sally for defending Gamble Breaux from Gina, the barrister quickly fired back and revealed that Sally only came for her to "bring her down." Gina continues to say that Bloomfield called her a "wog bitch" off camera.

"Sally did not stick up for a friend. Sally reveals that she is there to target me and “bring me down”. Her words!!! She also told me to “shut up wog bitch” off camera. She’s a disgrace xxx," she wrote.

"Sally is no hero for Gamble....says it at the reunion.... her plan was to ‘take me down ‘. I’m curious if she would be the one to look after my family if she achieved that ? #onesinglemothertoanother #justsaying xxxx"

Jackie Gillies came to Sally's defense and shared her thoughts on the situation via Twitter. "@sallybloomfield is a good woman with class and integrity . This story is complete BS! All of production do know it . Not fair to do this to someone that has been nothing but kind to everyone."

So the questions is: who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel