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Venus Behbahani-Clark Clarifies RHOMelbourne Photo-Gate Drama!

Venus Behbahani-Clark has been caught in the middle of photo-gate scandal on the current season of the Real Housewives of Melbourne. As you may recall, the newbie has been accused of obtaining photos of her co-stars in which Janet Roach brought the issue to light during last week's episode.

Now, Venus has taken to Instagam to address and clarify the photo-gate scandal to set the record straight. "Drum of the scandalous photos! Here is the image that frightens Jackie and is zoomed in on camera and so raunchy it had to be blurred out- Yes the photo was taken at Sam’s house @ Janet’s Party episode 2 and given to me by a mutual friend as he allowed me to send them to myself. Some of the other photos were from Gina’s dinner and some others were “selfies” (the selfies he then said I couldn’t have as they were “master interviews” and apparently we were not allowed to see each other’s outfits so I deleted them then and there way before Luke’s party)," she writes.

"I didn’t tell the girls till tonight’s episode because I was “sworn” to secrecy  - nothing juicy or raunchy - all very lovely images I wanted of us as memories! Please read my blog on the Arena page for clarity on tonight’s episode! Now I’m off to the beach....because the “bushfires” out! @rhomelbourne @foxtel tune in at 8.30pm to see OMG the photos!!!!! Those photos!!!!! Of “their houses” makeup omg....cry me a river peeps! 😪😱#dinnerphotos #partyphotos #selfies #lipstickqueen #rhomelbourne #arena"

Venus also took to her Arena Blog to address  the photo-gate drama. "However, at Luke’s birthday I was again attacked – this time by Janet, Gamble and Sally. Why? For having photos from Gina’s dinner, Janet’s party and selfie pics of some of the girls (excluding Janet) from a mutual friend who later said I couldn’t have the selfie pics and so I deleted them before Luke’s party. Big deal! Technically when the girls approached me I had NO images of them apart from the party pics (which I was in!!) and dinner pics (which I was in!!) but I didn’t want to get the mutual friend into trouble as he swore me to secrecy.  I never had pictures of the girls’ homes. I will be posting a story on my Instagram page @venusbehbahaniclark of the pics the girls claim as pics “of their home” (which really were only Janet’s partner’s home from her party). Again, I emphasise I was also in ALL those pictures."

Photo Credit: Foxtel