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Stassi Schroeder Admits Her Breakup With Patrick Meagher Came As A ‘Shock!’

This week, Stassi Schroeder's on and off again boyfriend Patrick Meagher made his official debut on Vanderpump Rules. Even tho the two are not together anymore, the former SURver opens up about her break-up with Meagher and gives an update on her current dating life.

As previously reported, Schroeder was dumped by Meagher back in August just hours before they were set to board a plane to Mexico for a romantic vacation, the couple split which happened to be on their four-year anniversary.

The unexpected breakup forced Schroeder to take the trip with her best friend Rachel O’Brien. So what exactly went wrong?

“Well, we’ve had an up and down relationship from the beginning, and it was kind of our pattern obviously, to break up and make up,” she told Us Weekly. “But this time was, to me, a shock. Like the real, full breakup.”

While the Bravo reality star said it took “quite a few months” for her to process the split, she admits they she and Meagher are in contact and that he’s a “wonderful person.” However, don’t expect these two to give love a try once again.

“Once you try twice, like really give it two really good shots, you know? You’re not supposed to be together,” Schroeder told the publication.

Now, she's getting back on the dating scene and says she is having fun being single and has no disaster dates to report. Schroeder recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen alongside fellow Bravo reality star and friend Shep Rose from Southern Charm, and while many viewers may hope for a hookup, it seems this relationship is strictly platonic.

“You know, he’s wonderful, he’s handsome and charming and witty and all that stuff, and I enjoy every time we get to hang out,” Schroeder told Us Weekly. “But like we would probably kill each other.”

Photo Credit: Bravo