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Siggy Flicker Thinks It’s ‘Unfair’ That Bravo Doesn’t Air Her Side In Her Ongoing Feud With Margaret Josephs; Calls Out Producers For Only Showing Her Reaction!

Siggy Flicker is opening up about her ongoing feud with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Margaret Josephs. The relationship expect and author calls out Bravo for not showing her side of the feud and for supporting "the liar and the thief."

"At every turn she has tried to break me. I am fed up with her," Flicker told The Daily Mail.

She also said she feels 'hurt' that she has been portrayed as crazy for her strong reaction to the Hitler comment.

"Hitler's name should never be referenced in casual conversation," she told the publication. "It's my obligation to set the alarm."

And if she seems 'crazy' on the show that's because they film her for "hours having normal conversations" but only show the few minutes where she blows up.

"This woman knew exactly what she was saying to me. It was intentional and premeditated as are all her comments and jabs throughout the season," she said. "One should ever reference the most evil man without peer when discussing a charity event."

"We were not in history class talking about the Holocaust or the atrocities of WORLD WAR II. We were talking about a charity event and Kim D - a woman she had never met at this point."

"Referencing Hitler to the only Jewish girl at the table was disgusting especially after months and months of taking jabs at me for no reason at all," she continued. "I am the proud daughter of Dr. Mordecai Paldiel - a Holocaust scholar and survivor who has written several books on the Holocaust and who ran the Righteous Gentile Division at Yad Vashem for 27 years. Hitler tried to kill my father and his family. If it wasn’t for a catholic priest in Evian, France who helped his family escape into Switzerland, I wouldn’t be here today!‬"

Siggy reflects on all the jabs that Margaret has done to her in the past.

"She questioned my husband’s manhood without ever having met him," she told the publication. Siggy also didn't like it that Margaret did not invite her to the memorial for Teresa's mother.

The relationship expert also said Margaret "walked into my home and ridiculed a collage that my husband gifted me."

You can't leave out that nickname. "She calls me Soggy because I cry often."

Siggy says Margaret mocks her troubles with menopause and her business. "Try having your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus removed, and then have Margaret use it as a punch line. Throughout the season she reveled in poking at my interpersonal skills and how it translates to my job. 25 years, I have an unblemished record, I never mentioned she is drowning in lawsuits."

Siggy then calls out Bravo producers for making her look crazy by only sharing Margaret's side of their beef, leaving her side out in the cutting room floor.

"It's so unfair," Siggy told The Daily Mail. "Because the show does not air my side. All they show is me losing my temper. They don't show the interactions I have with people, just the reactions."

"I told Margaret I wanted an apology and she said no. No one saw that" she continued. "I only went on this show to help sell my book. I didn't sign up to be tortured."

"Yes I am over the top and loud and some people may find that annoying but I walk the line," she added.

If you recall during last week's episode, Siggy and Margaret fought during a disastrous group dinner in Italy. The relationship expert confronted Margaret for previously referencing Hitler during an argument.
"Unless we're discussing the Holocaust, Hitler's name should not come up," declared Siggy, whose 80-year-old father Mordecai Paldiel is a Holocaust survivor and scholar.

Margaret during a previous episode questioned Siggy's decision to walk in Kim DePaola's fashion show after she spread rumors about their mutual friend and co-star Teresa Giudice. Siggy argued at the time that Kim hadn't wronged her, prompting Margaret to ask: "But Siggy, Hitler would have not killed me. Does that make him a good person?"

Margaret at the Milan dinner tried defending herself by claiming she needed an evil person for her Kim D analogy and also pointed out that her children are Jewish.

"You're anti-Semitic," Siggy then declared causing the entire group to quiet down. Margaret protested being called anti-Semitic, but Siggy refused to hear her out.

"Tell the b**** to sit down," Siggy said.

Meanwhile, Danielle Staub stuck up for Margaret noting that Hitler was a 'historic figure' and Siggy rudely dismissed her. The snub didn't go over well as Danielle started throwing glasses at her prompting Siggy to call her a 'loser'. The restaurant then booted the women out and Siggy later refused to apologize.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Bravo