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Sally Bloomfield Shares Her First Impressions Of The RHOMelbourne Ladies!

Sally Bloomfield is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Sally Bloomfield shares her first impressions of the ladies and weighs in on all the drama that went down at Janet Roach's party.

Sally writes:

"Hi guys!!

I am really excited to be a part of the cast and hope you get to know me a little better via my blogs! First and foremost I am a mum! My two beautiful boys are what really keep me going and of course I can’t get by without my own mum Julia!! I couldn’t do all the things I do without her!!  We are a tight little unit and love to laugh, especially at the dinner table – no devices, just good food and lots of laughs and it’s a great opportunity to discuss the weekly arrangements.

I have been so busy building the hotel in Bali over the last 12 months and Kate and I just opened another pop up for Bloomfield and Webber in Barwon Heads, so along with my accessories line that I started earlier in the year and am launching properly soon, I have plenty to keep me busy!!

You are probably wondering why on earth I decided to join this crazy bunch of girls.  Mmmmm well firstly I made a new years resolution last year to say ‘yes’ more often but also I think I needed to have a little fun after the last couple of years. Looking after someone with cancer is quite draining and there really is no time for yourself, so when the chance came up, I felt that I would always regret it if I said no, also my son Nic talked me into it!!!   By the way, my new years resolution this year is to say ‘no’ more often!!!!!

One of my favourite things is to make people laugh and not that it comes across too early in the season but, that is really what makes me tick! We can’t take ourselves too seriously in this life and humour is something that has really gotten me through all the sad things I have endured, what is the other option? Fall apart? No thanks, not in my nature! Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have my down days and I try to embrace them but not to wallow.

I was so excited to meet Janet! We have some mutual friends and I just knew she would be fun, naughty but fun!! My gorgeous stepson Christian knows Jake (Janet’s son) so we had that in common, along with some other friends.  I didn’t feel nervous at all, in fact that is what was making me nervous, the fact that I wasn’t!!!  If that makes sense??? So I was right, she was a hoot and we hardly even talked about her tea, we were more interested in our mutual connections and drinking wine.. a common theme we share, I just knew we would get along!!

My first encounter with the girls was interesting! Janet made me feel so welcome, but trying to get a word in was near impossible and I don’t think anyone wanted the opinion of the newbie in the gang!! I spent a bit of time with Ben, who I adore, and he gave me the lowdown on all the girls! I had actually met Jackie the week before purely by chance at an event, we connected straight away so I think she asked Ben to look after me! The fur was already flying between Gamble and Venus. I felt for Gamble when she arrived, Gina and Lydia were sniggering under their breath about her arrival and I felt she was like a lamb to the slaughter. You could see how nervous she was when she arrived.   I also think Gamble thought I was trying to crack onto Rick, however while he was charming and lovely, he’s not my type!!  So to wrap up, everyone was very nice to me but time will tell how long that will last…"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on Arena! For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel