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RHOMelbourne Star Lydia Schiavello Wants Her Own Cooking Show!

Everybody knows that Lydia Schiavello does her best pot-stirring - in the kitchen. The Real Housewives of Melbourne explains her love and passion for food and reveals why she wants her own cooking show and much more.

As seen in the Foxtel hit reality show, Schiavello is now offering cooking classes in her home and says her own cookbook is in the works.

Lydia admits that she even had talks with Foxtel boss Brian Walsh about doing her own cooking show one day. “I have been told I am Ly-gella,” she laughs of the similarities between herself and the curvaceous British chef Nigella Lawson.

“I would love to do a cooking show because it would be another way to share my food. I want people to be confident in the kitchen because it’s a beautiful way of communicating,” she told The Herald Sun. “The classes have been in my system, sitting inside of me, for a very long time because I have always loved entertaining.”

“People were always coming to me to make them something and they’d taste it and say, ‘Oh my God, that’s really good!’ and then I would try it and would even shock myself with how good it was.”

Lydia says her style of cooking draws from her Italian background, using simple yet quality ingredients.

“A lot of younger people find food intimidating, they don’t know how to mix herbs or do pasta and sauces. I want to show them it’s just not that hard,” she explained. “It’s not science. I am not a professional chef. Everything I do is by instinct. That’s how I was taught.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo