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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Comes For Ed Sheeran’s Defense And Stands Up For Celeb-Backed Charity Campaigns!

Earlier this week, Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward appeared on Good Morning Britain where she came to Ed Sheeran's defense after he was slated for his Comic Relief video in which he met a street boy in Liberia and offered to pay for his housing.

The Good Morning Britain discussion centered around journalist Afua Hirsch’s article in the Guardian newspaper, which led that celebrities are creating a culture of ‘povery porn’ when they document conditions of vulnerable people.

A charity watchdog has claimed that this behavior shifts the public’s focus onto the celebrities themselves, and away from the cause they are trying to highlight, reports So Cheshire.

Host Piers Morgan commented: “If you use celebrities you get more attention, you bring more awareness to the cause and you raise more money.”

Afua Hirsch said: “The problem is the way people are being presented. I don’t think the only way to touch your humanity is to show you a child in a state of nakedness that is inappropriate.”

Following her appearance, the ITVBe reality star took to social media to share more clarity to some of the views she was trying to express during her appearance on the ITV morning talk show.

In her statement, Dawn said: “Following this morning’s appearance on Good Morning Britain I’d like to clarify a couple of things on my stance when it comes to charity work and the use of celebrities in the charity sector as I feel I didn’t get the time to get all my points across.”

Citing her experience of working with charitable organisations, she continued: “For those who don’t know, I’ve been heavily involved in charity work for the last 20 years and it’s something that is close to my heart and a part of my every-day life as an ambassador of Caudwell Children and a supporter of charitable causes, this is why I chose to participate in the debate.”

“We’re in a digital era, where now more than ever, celebrities have bigger platforms to spread the word to a vast audience via social media, so why wouldn’t we utilise this for a good cause? Surely the more people that are made aware, the more we can actually help.”

“In my opinion, this is extremely damaging. I can’t understand why anybody would discourage another person from supporting a good cause and trying to raise awareness.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo