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Margaret Josephs Spills The Tea On All The RHONJ Season 8 Drama!

Margaret Josephs is spilling all the tea of what fans can expect for the remainder of the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. During a recent appearance on The Reality Rundown Podcast, Josephs gets candid and holds nothing back when it comes to discussing her feud with Siggy Flicker, relationships and how she got in the show, reunion drama and much more. Check it out below!

Margaret reveals that she was asked to join the show back in 2013. During that time, she was getting in a divorce and was planning her wedding with now husband Joe. She admits that “she had a lot going on” at the time so the timing wasn’t the best.

Margaret says part of why she decided to join the Bravo hit reality series this time around was because she had just turned 50, her son was no longer living with her and she says: “I felt like it was perfect timing, time to make a change, a new addition to her career – I think I could be fun and fabulous, why not? – so it was good timing. I have a lot to offer and I think it could be a fun and Jersey needed a blonde for sure.”

The blonde beauty then addresses why she named her nemesis Siggy Flicker as “Soggy”

“I never knew it would take off so much,” she says. “All I knew was they asked me, “what’s her evil twin’ and I said Soggy Flicker. I never knew it was going to stick like that. She’s made t-shits out of it.”

When asked if she knew it would cause that much drama over the name Soggy, Margaret said: “She’s making money out of it so I don’t understand the issue.”

Margaret reveals that she knew of Siggy. The power in pigtails diva reveals that her son was friends with Siggy’s step-son and that they used to live around the corner from one another but they were never close friends, just acquaintances.

Josephs then discusses her relationships with co-stars Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Danielle Staub. Margaret admits that at first she was a bit scared of meeting Staub, however then clarifies after getting to know her on the first day they met in Boca Raton, she knew loved her right away. “She was very accepting, she’s very warm and nurturing, funny, she can laugh at herself,” she said of Staub.

“Teresa was going through a very hard time with the loss of her mom, we discussed it we bonded over that – but Teresa likes to laugh, have a good time and doesn’t take things so seriously.”

“Melissa, also a fun girl, laughs a lot, we bonded over business, so we all have different things that we connected on and none of us take ourselves so seriously. So that’s what I really liked. And that’s why we are fun.”

Margaret reveals that she was a fan of the show before joining, however admits that she “didn’t really see the one [season] with the twins.”

Margaret then addresses her Hitler comment and makes it clear that it was simply an analogy; admits that there was no ill intended behind her comment. Margaret feels like Siggy needs vindication in front of a group of people, just like how Siggy called out Melissa Gorga at her party and also came for her during that retreat and feels like that has transpired on social media.

Josephs weighs in on Teresa Giudice’s confrontation with Kim D at the POSCHE Fashion Show. “Kim was saying horrible things to Teresa, calling her a criminal – Teresa was upset. You didn’t see this but all these young girls were screaming at Teresa,” says Margaret. This is why she felt the need to speak up at the event, and says that one of the Kim D’s girls told her “shut up you old woman!”

Margaret says she doesn’t understand why Kim D. is “so concern about” Teresa and Melissa.

Josephs then teases about the upcoming Season 8 reunion special and reveals that it was a “piece of cake” claiming that she felt calm during the taping. Then, the hosts asked her a question from me, which is: what is the biggest misconception about doing RHONJ?!

“That is staged. That they tell you what to say and that it’s not real. Everything we did real is real, she explained. “It’s not fake. Also, that it’s edited to make you look like a villain. If you act like an assh*le, you look like an assh*le.”

“I feel like I came across like myself,” she said when asked if she was happy how she was edited on the show. “All my friends that know me from High School are like “that is exactly the way we know you.’”

Margaret ends the interview with giving an update on her mother Marge Sr. and her accountant Steve’s relationship. If you recall earlier this season, she set them up on a date.

Listen to the full interview via The Reality Rundown below!

Photo Credit: Bravo