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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Says She’ll Never Allow Her Estranged Mother Karen Back Into Her Life!

During Friday’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Kim Zolciak-Biermann made it clear that her relationship with her estranged mother Karen was over. “My children, I will always be in their life,” the mother of six said. “But my mom? I will not let her back into my life, let’s just be clear.”

“My mom and I have always butted heads. She’s kind of tormented me for many years,” Kim explained. “Marrying Kroy, you would think it would get easier but it’s actually only gotten worse. It’s one thing messing with Kroy and I, but when you’re messing with my children, it becomes a whole different ballgame for me.”

Karen had recently reached out to Kim by texting her, “Sorry to hear about Kash, call me sometime” after news broke about her son Kash’s terrifying dog bite.

However, that wasn’t enough for Kim. “My mom knows where I live. You could have sent a card,” she said.

“You can only do so much to a human being,” Kim also told Brielle. “I took it for 34 years until I finally said it’s not worth it to me. My mom, she was good in a lot of aspects. But when my mom told my husband on the day of our wedding to ‘f— off’ and she’s going to burn the f— house down? No”

Still, despite what had happened Brielle wanted to fix things, especially with her grandfather, Joe.

“I still miss him sometimes. He’s still family. He was part of my life for 14 to 15, years,” Brielle said. “They’re going to die one day. Maybe just be cool with each other. Not be friends, I don’t like having grudges and hating these people.”

The idea worked for Kim. “I would never call my mom back in a million years all that she’s done to me and my children. But I’m open to calling Poppy,” she said, using her father’s nickname.

When they called Joe, though, Karen answered the phone instead. And when asked by Brielle if she wanted to get together for dinner the next day, Karen said she couldn’t make it.

“It’s just not gonna work,” Karen said. “We’ve had plans on the calendar for weeks. We can’t just reschedule everything.”

Which made Kim get more upset. “I just know how I feel about my six kids and I would drop anything to meet them,” she told her mom. “I’ve given birth to children you’ve never met them, and I just don’t get it.”

“I’m floored. I will never understand her mentality. Never,” Kim said, tearing up after hanging up the phone. “I would never do this to [Brielle]. I’m not even sad over them, I just would never do this to [my kids]. I can’t relate as a mom. I just can’t understand.”

She added, “In time you would think you would change. I would drop anything for my kids. Your family, your blood, is a game to you. That’s what bothers me.”

Recently, Kim's father, Joe Zolciak has claimed that his daughter recently reached out to him about reuniting in front of the Bravo cameras. An insider reveals that he allegedly turned down the offer because Kim planned to leave her mother, Karen out of the reconciliation.

“I have no plans to speak to [Kim] ever again,” Joe told Life & Style Magazine, adding that if she did want to see him, “she would have to crawl up my driveway on her hands and knees and apologize to my wife.”

Transcript courtesy via PEOPLE

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo