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Katie Maloney Spills The Tea On Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Drama!

Katie Maloney opens up about how she feels “like a more chilled-out version” of herself this time around on Vanderpump Rules. The SURver also says married life with husband Tom Schwartz is going well, but that we will see some ups and downs in their relationship in Season 6.

Maloney also dishes on her friendships with Stassi Schroeder, Ariana Madix, Lala Kent and Kristen Doute, and why she had a falling out with Scheana Marie.

"I definitely went through a bit of a transformative period of time after I get married," Maloney told Us Weekly about her biggest hurdles this season. "You’ll see on the show, I talk about what I went through and sort of my process of getting back to the person who I knew I was and hadn’t been for a long time. Having to admit that I wasn’t the best version of myself. I was really hard on myself. I mean, I didn’t like myself for a very long time. I just wanted to make a concentrated effort and decision every day to be happier. That’s made my marriage, my personal life, my relationship with my friends obviously a lot better and stronger. I feel more like a more chilled-out version of myself. The person I feel most comfortable being. Not this angry person."

"A lot of people don’t welcome that change, oddly enough. I’m either a crazy drunk person who rage-texts or I’m too nice or something, I don’t know. That was the struggle for some of the people with me. And there will be some stuff with Tom and me that happens. We’re doing amazingly, but you know, marriage is work."

Then, Katie gets candid about her fallout with former bestie and co-star Scheana Marie.

"I kind of resolved it to — we don’t have to be best friends. I’m not going to hate you. I’m not going to ignore you or go out of my way to be rude. If I see you, I’m going to say, “Hello. How are you?” That’s what I thought was going on. But then I would hear from other people that she’s saying all kinds of stuff. I don’t understand. It’s like, “I haven’t seen in her a while. Why is she talking like that? Why is she saying these things?” I don’t really know why she can’t let it go with me or just be chill about it. You’ll see a little more of what went wrong with Scheana and I over the season."

While she and Marie may not be in the best of terms, looks like she and Lala Kent have moved on from their feud.

"That was kind of in the middle of my whole “transformation.” I need to find a better word for that (laughs). My “makeover.” It was during that time where I was like, “I have to let go of that negativity. I don’t want to have beef.” I’m not the type of person to have enemies. I just wanted to just let it go with her. I knew we had things in common. We don’t have to be the best of friends, but we don’t have to hate each other. That’s not a positive thing or productive in any manner," she told the publication. "So yeah, it started from there and she was very gracious and accepting. You saw at the reunion, she also apologized. We haven’t forced anything, but it’s nice getting to know her. We are similar in a lot of ways."

Maloney also opens about her relationship with Ariana Madix.

"There have been times when we’ve been closer and hanging out more and spending time together, and we always have a really great time when we’re with one another. And then it’s one of those things, when we’re not together, I feel like she has a different opinion of me. A lot of it has to do with me being friends with Kristen and Stassi, who she’s really struggled to get along with. It’s a bummer because I do like Ariana. We do have fun together. It just always seems like it’s just not quite there —  there’s something holding her back or I feel like I’m being judged a little bit by her, which isn’t the most comforting feeling."

Has her beef with Scheana affected her relationship with Madix?

"I would like there to be no sides. I don’t need to be best friends with everyone, but there’s no reason why we can’t all just can’t hang out and be cool. We all have mutual friends. It’s impossible to avoid one another, so let’s just enjoy each other’s company the most we can. I don’t know. Sometimes there feels like there are sides, sometimes not. People act differently around me than behind my back. It’s just some regular, junior high, awesome crap (laughs)."

However, there's one friendship that has remained stronger than ever, and that's her relationship with Stassi Schroeder.

"Ever since we reconciled, we got back together (laughs), we definitely had a different kind of friendship. None of the Princess Stassi bulls—t. We still sometimes let her be a little Princess Stassi, but joking and fun. I feel like in that time apart, we were both able to grow in some ways and move past our things and have better perspective. And having a new friendship and a different kind of friendship. That’s even to be said with Kristen as well. I like that we have an open friendship. We are tough love, always honest, support each other. It feels very nice to have that sisterhood thing."

Full interview courtesy via Us Weekly

Photo Credit: Bravo