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Jeana Keough Gets A Facelift — See Before And After Photos Here!

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough took cameras into her pre-op room before having a facelift for a behind-the-scenes documentary short for PeopleTV's called Jeana Keough: A Real Housewife Goes Under the Knife.

“I went through menopause, I had gained weight, I looked terrible and I didn’t date for years,” says Keough.

Eventually, she’d had enough of feeling miserable. She got back into shape, but was then left with excess skin on her neck that she didn’t like.

The former reality star decided to get a facelift with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip in Newport Beach — and filmed the entire procedure for a PeopleTV special.

“I want to look 15 years younger because I like guys that are 15 years younger,” she jokingly says of  to go under the knife.

She revealed that she had cold feet when being prepped for surgery. "As the doctor started marking my face and the reality of what I was doing started to hit me, I thought, am I just vain and stupid? Am I really doing this?" she said.

Jeana confided her fears in longtime friend and fellow RHOC alum Tammy Knickerbocker, who also shared her concerns about the plastic surgery.

"I was nervous," Jeana admitted. "I was worried about the downtime. I didn’t want to look like bloody, swollen Tales From the Crypt for a week.”

But she had full faith in Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip as she was being wheeled in, she said, "Okay guys, do your magic!"

She revealed the beautiful results to her friends (and viewers) after a six-week recovery. "My goal was to look 10-15 years younger, but I hope they don't think I went too far!"

See before and after photos below courtesy via PeopleTV 



Watch the full episode of Jeana Keogh: A Real Housewife Goes Under the Knife, streaming now on PeopleTV. Go to, or download the app on your favorite streaming device.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, PEOPLE