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Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Admit They ‘Took Some Time’ Apart Following Cheating Scandal!

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s relationship almost didn’t survive this season of Vanderpump Rules. If you recall during the Season 6 premiere episode, former SURver Faith Stowers claimed she hooked up with Taylor while he was with Brittany.

She went so far as to claim that she may even be pregnant with Jax’s baby. Those statements rocked Scheana Shay’s birthday party, and sent Brittany into a mini-spiral, threatening to leave Jax.

“It's obviously tough,” Jax tells Entertainment Tonight of re-watching the moment play out on TV. “Obviously we've gone through some things.”

“It's hard,” Brittany explains. “Very, very, very hard … We took some time trying to work on things, but we're back together … six months [back together] and [it’s] still working.”

The couple said they hope sharing their experience on the Bravo hit reality series will help others going through something similar.

“Everybody goes through the same things that we do, some good, some bad,” Jax notes. “We're going through some things, working it out and, yeah, it's going good now. We're doing a lot better then we were.”

“It's rough, but you know, I love her very much,” he continues. “I hope she loves me just as much as I love you.”

“I do,” Brittany confesses.

Meanwhile, Stassi Schroeder shared her reaction to the cheating bombshell.

“I was not surprised,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Nothing Jax does surprises me, but it was more devastating than anything else, because I think Brittany is such a wonderful person. I feel like, I can handle that stuff, there are a lot of girls where we can handle it, but she's such a kind, innocent woman that it made us all really sad and angry.”

Photo Credit: Bravo