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Janet Roach: “Venus Is Never Going To Fess-Up About Photo-Gate”

Janet Roach is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet Roach questions Venus Behbahani-Clark's motives and claims that Lydia Schiavello has told her personal things behind Gina Liano's back.

Janet writes:

"Hi Lovelies,

Don’t you just love Sal? I am really glad she joined the group. It’s easy to like her; she is very honest, upfront and real. I have formed a strong relationship with her already.

I thought it was mean of Lydia not to invite me truffle hunting. She knows I own a Truffle farm at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, and I run it as a Truffle business. It is called The Mont Rouge Truffiere Pty Ltd (Red Hill Truffle Farm). I know more about Truffle hunting and farming than all of these girls. Guess that’s why I was excluded.

I decided to hire a helicopter and treat my besties to a day at Levantine Hill Estate. Very good friends of mine own the Vineyard, and I have watched this magnificent vineyard grow and develop over the years. As a lovely touch they have named the various vine paddocks after their daughters. I am so happy they have won so many awards; they have all worked hard and are passionate about their wines and food. Had a great fun day with Gamble and Jackie, eating and drinking the best the Yarra Valley has to offer. P.S. we ate heaps of Truffles, just saying.

I warned Sal about divulging her secrets to Lydia because of the very personal things Lydia has told me about Gina. I don’t think Gina should have Lydia in her home and privy to her secrets. Gina is not aware of the things Lydia says about her and I want to warn Sal not to make the same mistakes.

Venus is never going to fess-up about Photo-gate. We don’t know why she had photos of us on her phone, which makes it difficult for me to form a relationship with her. I am not sure what kind of person Venus really is so I am a bit wary of her."

What do you think about Janet’s blog?

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on Arena! For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel