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Dorit Kemsley And Lisa Rinna Dish About Their Awkward Las Vegas Encounter And Tease What Viewers Can Expect In Season 8 Of RHOBH!

Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Rinna finally came face-to-face during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Las Vegas since last year's explosive reunion taping. Now, the Bravo reality stars dish and reveal what more can fans expect from them in Season 8.

With the cliffhanger in mind, we quizzed the ladies about what's to come in episode two when we spoke with them on the red carpet at the show's premiere party in West Hollywood. And Dorit was honest about the fact that it was beyond awkward for her.

"I would say, naturally, there was a lot of tension and anxiety for me because I hadn't seen Lisa and, obviously, I wasn't too pleased with the way we had left off," she told E! News. "But you'll see what it's like seeing someone for the first time after that."

According to Rinna, however, there was no looking back once everyone was back in the same space. Rather, things were full-steam ahead. "I will tell you what...everything's changed," she revealed. "There's no rehashing of last season. We go full-on forward. So, everything changes. I'll tease that. Everything."

While she, of course, played coy about how the pair managed to get to that point, Rinna did reveal that she approached this season, her fourth as a cast member, a bit differently. "I I do come into the season really wanting to move on," she said. "I'm in a different place. I've got teenage girls that watch me as a mother, and I want to be a good example for them. I'm also different because I come in without my Eileen Davidson who I love so very much and who's not with us this year. So I come in truly alone, and I think the dynamics change because of that. Which is fun."

Photo Credit: Bravo