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The Cast Of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Reveal How They Really Feel About The First Season Of The Real Housewives Of Sydney!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne are FINALLY returning after an eighteen month absence. The ladies get candid and reveal how they really feel about the first season of the controversial reality series, The Real Housewives of Sydney.

In a recent interview with, Gamble Breaux, who is originally from Sydney said jokingly that they “captured Sydney perfectly.”

“Overall I think the [Sydney] girls were brilliant. But we were on our season three, and I think they thought they had to hit that high note, but without the viewers knowing what their characters were all about. People already know and are invested in our characters,” said Lydia Schiavello.

“I think the Sydney ones jumped into it too quickly. They tried to make too much impact too quickly — there weren’t any friendships formed or anything, whereas these guys have real friendships,” said newcomer Sally Bloomfield.

Meanwhile, property developer Janet Roach admitted she felt a little schadenfreude as she watched RHOS battle harsh reviews and headlines.

“I laughed, because at the beginning they were sort of saying on social media and in the press, ‘Look out Melbourne, here we come, we’re going to smash you!’ I saw them at a function [later], and they all bowed down. I said, ‘Thank you ladies, it’s harder than it looks!’

“[Sydney’s] a bit over the top,” she told “None of us have ever in all these seasons thrown a drink on each other, or thrown one another’s clothes away. It’s a different dynamic.”

All the ladies agreed that another season of RHOS would need a cast shake-up to proceed.

Photo Credit: Foxtel