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Shereé Whitfield Opens Up About Her Jailed Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams And Weighs In On NeNe Leakes And Kim-Zolciak-Biermann’s Feud!

Shereé Whitfield gets candid about her relationship with boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams, who is currently in federal prison for an alleged white collar crime, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star says he’s her “best friend.”

“You know what, honestly, I’ve gotten to know this man on a much deeper level,” she told PEOPLE Now. “Probably deeper than I’ve ever known anyone. We have nothing but time to talk and get to know each other.”

“He’s a good guy and, you know, he supports me. I can talk to him about anything. He’s my best friend,” she continued. “He just got caught up in the wrong craziness, and hopefully he’ll be back soon.”

Whitfield thinks that some of her co-stars could learn a thing or two from their relationship. Discussing how a lack of communication had been a problem in previous relationships, Whitfield said, “Here, it’s only communication. So that’s why a lot of these marriages and relationships don’t last, because they’re not stimulating each other’s minds.”

When asked about how NeNe Leakes took the news of her new relationship, Whitfield said, “You know, she was definitely very shocked, but she says she doesn’t have a problem with it.”

“She says she’s fine, but then, you know, you really watch to watch to see, because I don’t know, I get mixed signals,” she continued. “She tells me that she’s fine with it, and maybe she’s telling the other girls something else.

Then, Shereé shared her thoughts on Leakes' explosive feud with Kim Zolciak-Biermann that went down last month via social media after Zolciak-Biermann’s daughter Brielle Biermann alleged she found cockroaches in Leakes’ home.

Whitfield gave an update on how the Don't Be Tardy mom has been doing since she obtained legal counsel after Leakes accused her of being “racist” on Instagram.

“She’s holding her head up,” Whitfield told PEOPLE Now. “She was definitely very upset and not happy with some of the comments that were made about her and her family, but she’s holding up.”

“Again, we’re O.G.s and we started this platform [in Atlanta] all together,” she continued. “I want to believe that they can get past this, but there was so much said and done — I’m not sure they’ll ever be where they were before.”

“I just want them to be cordial!” she added. “I’ll go for that.”

Whitfield also revealed that she noticed a change in Leakes this season.

“I think we’ve all evolved, but I would say the most would probably be NeNe,” she told PEOPLE Now. “She looks totally different. She may act a little different — I think this season people will see a different side of her, as well.”

“At times, it didn’t seem like she was as humble,” she said. “When she originally started, we were all very humble — and sometimes it seemed like that didn’t stick [with Leakes].”

Photo Credit: Bravo