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RHOC Season 12 Finale Recap: Candle Wicks And Lunatics [Episode 19]

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I think we can all cheer with collective enthusiasm that this is the last episode of season 12 that we have to sit through until they come back next year with a total cast shakeup.

Vicki made her son a member of the board of Coto Insurance and it looks like her next goal is to finally get a ring on her finger. Oh god, the last thing I need is a Vicki Gunvalson wedding special. Tamra was also getting ready for her daughters graduation which she surprisingly got invited to. She was crying and crying about finally seeing a breakthrough with her daughter, it just sucks that we know it was one step forward and two steps back. Kelly also got her moms makeup done to make her feel pretty which is so cute because I love me some Bobbi.

Not much else happened before it was Meghan’s candle launch party. The producers must have been thinking really hard to make this the finale party. Kelly was supposed to get a ride with Vicki but of course she working or something so then Shannon offered that they could ride with them which didn’t please Michael. On the way to Kelly’s house Shannon was recapping David on how far her and Kelly have come with their friendship this year and Mrs Beador came to the conclusion that maybe people don’t understand her when they first meet her, which was when Bravo provided the flashbacks of her fights with Meghan, Heather, Kelly and Lydia. They could have gone ahead and added Tamra and Peggy in as well. I love a good flashback, especially when it shows Shannon Beador yelling “I’m fucking done!” Kelly and Michael piled into the car and had the most awkward ride ever. It was strange to think that both of those marriages ended only months after filming ended. To be honest, they were over years before they were officially over.

After an awkward limo ride they arrived at Meghan’s event which was the same location where Tamra got married. I immediately flashbacked to that weird British girl who officiated the ceremony. Never forget. Tamra shared the news that she was mad at Vicki (again) because a new story got leaked to the blogs, hours after the Iceland trip. Neither of the blondes spoke to each other at the party but I think that’s what the reunion is for!  Vicki and Tamra FINALLY got over their beef and now they are back to square one. When will Vicki Gunvalson learn to keep her lips shut.

Vicki was finally ready to whoop it up and Peggy was like “yeah woop woop!” Yet another reason why Peggy shouldn’t be on the show. She doesn’t even know how to whoop it up. We also found out that Peggy and Meghan had a lunch where they resolved their Iceland beef, I guess it wasn’t important enough for us to see the whole scene. Meghan gave a speech about her candle line which is called “The King Collection” which is because her name is Meghan KING Edmonds. I finally get it.

The rest of the party was mainly about Peggy resolving her beef with the girls before she is kicked off the show for good. Kelly apologised for talking about her dad in Iceland and said that Peggy was too controlling and that made her pop off. I actually like Peggy’s hair in this scene. There’s a first time for everything. Diko and David also talked out their dumb beef about Peggy’s cancer and it was over in under 3 minutes, however their wives took a lot longer to resolve their beef. Tamra called Shannon over so her and Peggy could talk it out but Shannon wasn’t having it because it had nothing to do with her. Mrs Beador also got mad because Peggy denied saying that David hurt her, even though it was backed up by a flashback, then Peggy backtracked and said that she did say it. Oh my god, how did she not get fired already. Shannon couldn’t be bothered to hear Peggy look for a verb so she called her a lunatic and walked away.

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