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RHOC Recap: The Real Vikings Of Orange County [Episode 18]

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The Iceland trip is still raging on and Peggy has finally left her room. While Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, Meghan and Kelly all piled onto the bus to go their Vikings themed dinner, Peggy was ranting to Lydia back at the hotel. The newbie explained that she heard Meghan's baby crying and then heard the other ladies laughing at her in the other room, so she recorded it.

Does she not understand that this is a reality show and they do that for you? Even Lydia can see that Peggy is just weird at this point, there has to be a 0% chance that Peggy is going to have a second season. It's just impossible. All she has brought to the show is a mistrust in the American education system, because how can you graduate UCLA as an english major if you don't speak english?

Over at the Viking's dinner, Vicki and Tamra were bonding and being silly while Shannon sat across from them seething and living in total denial that she is okay with her best friend being friends with her arch enemy. The Viking's dinner had people singing and sword fights which gave Shannon the idea that maybe the Viking's like a girl with some meat on her. Well now that her and David are over, maybe she could fly back over to Iceland and get a new Viking boyfriend? The mess!

Tamra could clearly see the steam coming out of Shannon's ears from watching her and Vicki's new lovefest so she forced Vicki to apologise. You'd think by being on the show for 12 years you would of at least found the acting skills to fake an apology. WRONG! Vicki's apology to Shannon was bad at best and of course Mrs Beador didn't accept it, but everyone continued to drink their beer and chant like the Icelandic Viking's they were with.

Finally Peggy and Lydia rolled into the dinner and drama ensued. Almost immediately Kelly tried to apologise to Peggy but she didn't accept it so Kelly took her anger management advice and walked away. Then Peggy brought up how Tamra was laughing at her and that she has proof in the form of an iPhone video, that also includes baby Aspen crying. Suddenly Shannon, Meghan and Tamra all piled onto Peggy for recording them. While all this craziness was going down Vicki slowly backed away and got back onto the bus because she knew that it would only be a matter of time before Tamra and Shannon hated her again and she couldn't risk that by defending the new girl who probably won't be back next season. Vicki's smart.

Fighting with Peggy is a mind fuck because she doesn't understand english, she repeats herself too much and she takes to long to spit out a sentence. Shannon yelled at her because she thought she was insinuating that Meghan was a bad mom which Peggy denied insinuating. Really Peggy? You dropped a bomb and then didn't follow through with it, if your gonna say that someone's baby was crying while the mother was drunk in the other room then just own the fact that you think she's a bad mom, don't backtrack. Suddenly Kelly started to get mad that Peggy had filmed her and delivered my favourite line of the episode: "If you're gonna throw a bomb, I'm gonna throw a nuke!" Is Kelly the new Kim Jong-Un? It was epic an epic line but it was met with zero response from Peggy, who walked out and got the first plane out of Iceland. Peggy Sulahian is the worst Housewives casting EVER! Even Kim Fields was better to watch. It blows my mind that this woman made it onto the show.

All the ladies arrived back on US soil and gave little to no fucks that Peggy had vanished in the middle of the night. She should of taken Lydia with her because there is no way she can come back next season either. Peggy was mad that Vicki didn't stick up for her so they went to lunch where Vicki steamrolled over Peggy justified why she didn't stand up for her. Vicki Gunvalson is a bad friend. Last season she used Kelly while everyone hated her and then when she was finally welcomed back into the group she left Kelly to fend for herself, she did the same this year with Peggy! This is a pattern, people!

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