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Porsha Williams Opens Up About Her Rollercoaster Relationship With NeNe Leakes!

Porsha Williams is getting candid about her relationship with NeNe Leakes this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “The relationship with NeNe in the beginning of the season was very difficult. I saw our friendship as being one of big sister and little sister and she was pretty much denying that,” she told Us Weekly.

“Once I realized that she saw the relationship different, I kind of let it go,” she explained, adding that she originally had planned on speaking to Leakes about comments made in the press.

However, once Leakes made it clear that their relationship wasn’t what she’d originally thought, Williams dropped it.

“I mean you can’t force anything with someone if they don’t seem like they care about the friendship,” she continues. “But as time goes on and the more time, you’ll kind of have to see how that all kind of ends up. And that’s the same thing with a lot of people’s relationships on the show — they’re friends and then they fall out and then they’re friends again. It happens a lot this season.”

Williams then added that “there’s a lot of down” in her up-and-down relationship with the actress, but “it might go up” eventually.

During Season 10 premiere episode, Williams tried to approach Leakes about the comment she made on Watch What Happens Live in May that implied she wanted her wanted fired from the show. However, Leakes wanted nothing to do with it — and it seems that’s going to be the theme of the season, according to Williams.

Photo Credit: Bravo