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Margaret Josephs To Siggy Flicker: “You Regurgitating The Same Sad Story Every Time I See You Is Beyond Draining At This Point”

Margaret Josephs is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Margaret Josephs dishes on her issues with Siggy Flicker and her sit-down with Dolores Catania.

Margaret writes:

"Hello Piggies! 

Well what an entrance I made this week… 29 hours and a red eye after leaving Vegas I finally made it home… stolen hotel slippers in tow. And yet again, TMI Marge is at it again… #puss and #pits. 
We had an incredible show in Vegas, and I got to meet so many stores, it definitely lit a fire under my ass to step on the gas with our shoe line!

Stage 5 clinger Joe was waiting by the door for me to come home. Granted I was delayed and home 12 hours later than planned, but he may have been elevated to a stage 10 this trip! Joe and I have an amazing relationship, and I’m lucky to have found the love of my life, even if he is a stage 10. Joe is truly my ruff tuff cream puff. He looks so manly on the outside but inside he’s the girly one. And despite my lashes and heels and love of all things sparkly, I am truly more like a guy on the inside. We totally balance each other out. 

I was so taken aback to hear from Jodi about the public shaming of Melissa (#myvaginahurts). Ever get that feeling when something is so absolutely, awfully cringeworthy that it literally makes your vagina hurt? Yes…well...that.

I had left for Vegas in a good place with Siggy after our diner hashout over hashbrowns, so I was surprised to hear that this was still a conversation whilst I was away. Little did I know I was going to get more than a taste of tagliatelle at the Gorga’s tasting.     

Before we get to what left a bad taste in my mouth, I’d like to say a huge congratulations to the Gorgas on this fabulous restaurant! The food is delicious, and the feeling of love that surrounds this endeavor is overwhelmingly beautiful. A family restaurant that truly makes you feel like a part of theirs. 

It’s so important to me to address that Siggy’s behavior was absolutely disgraceful and disrespectful. This was an event hosted by the Gorgas to celebrate a new beginning that celebrated their family and commemorated their mother's life and love of cooking. Teresa and Joe’s father was cooking in the kitchen for us all— recipes from their family legacy—and the focus should’ve been solely on them. When I heard her whining on and on about the same nonsense, I approached her like an adult to discuss (yet again) what I thought we had moved past in the diner. Little did I know I would be faced with a 5-year-old child poking her tongue out at me and dancing around like a muppet behind my back. And she thinks my pigtails are immature...

And you’re right, Siggy. It is boring, boooooRrrrrrinnnnggggggg. You regurgitating the same sad story every time I see you is beyond draining at this point. I  was thrilled when you left, and I could return to my favorite activity: chowing down with the girls and the Super Joe! 

And as for Dolores' relationship with Frank, my “defense” of Dolores was because I actually see her and Frank's relationship as something to be applauded. They have a wonderful family, and from what I understand, a great friendship. If that works for them, then who is anyone else to judge? Through my divorce, I worked really hard to keep things amicable and was able to maintain a great relationship with my ex-husband for the sake of my son and my sanity. 

Loyalty is still very confusing to me in this group of women. I see loyalty as something a good friend exhibits. I also see a good friend as someone who calls you out on bad behavior and holds you accountable so you can have a healthy relationship with respect. Respect, loyalty, trust. All earned and all come from truth. 

Whether I have known you 20 years or twenty minutes, if you are acting inappropriately and making an ass of yourself, I will give you my honest opinion. And believe me, it’s not for my benefit. I actually don’t like to see women make fools of themselves or suffer from behavior that could be avoided. Now that Piggies is what we call Girl Power!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo