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LeeAnne Locken And Cary Deuber Spill The Tea On RHOD Season 2 Reunion!

LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber tease about the upcoming Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 reunion special. The Bravo reality stars share details on what went down during taping and reveal what viewers can expect from the two-part reunion.

“The reunion, I was really happy with how it went. I don't know if everybody was,” LeeAnne told E! News just a few days after recovering from the taping. “I think everybody thought I was going to go in to the reunion all gangbusters, but I don't know that that's what I was for the reunion. I certainly don't let lies pass by, and I won't tolerate twisting words. But I think I was really at a peaceful place in the reunion, which was nice for me.”

“I think this reunion was easier for me until we had a little issue. I was told it was a closed set and that D'Andra's and my men couldn't come to set and mid-Mark, Mark walked out,” she said, referring to the surprise appearance of Cary's husband Mark, who appeared as the women were discussing him. “And I might have walked off.”

LeeAnne points to one of the newbies sitting on her side of the couches. "Kam! Kam did an amazing job,” she admitted. “She is like a little dog with a bone. Don't try to take that bone away from her. I mean, it is pink and sparkly and she owns it. It is her's.”

As for Cary, she points out that there will one thing we won't see from her this season. “I didn’t cry,” she told The Daily Dish. “I feel like that’s a really big positive for me because last year I had a complete mental breakdown.”

She added: “I feel like I held it together a little bit better and I feel like I got my points across, but it was definitely tense.”

Photo Credit: Bravo