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Krissy Marsh, Matty Samaei And Nicole O’Neil Most Likely To Return To The Real Housewives Of Sydney For Season 2!

According to a new report, Krissy Marsh and Nicole O’Neil are definite to return for season two of The Real Housewives of Sydney. The two reality stars recently worked for US broadcaster NBC at The Melbourne Cup, producing work for Foxtel’s E! Channel alongside Ksenija Lukich.

This is the first time any of the Housewives have been enlisted to work for Foxtel since filming wrapped for the show earlier this year, reports The Daily Telegraph.

When asked if they were returning to the show, the publication said that they both smiled but politely shut down any speculation that they knew if they’d be back for season two.

Matty Samaei is also rumored to return for Season 2 as her wedding is set to be a major storyline. As for when filming will recommence, the publication claims the returning women have been asked to keep late 2017 and early 2018 clear for about 12 weeks for filming.

Meanwhile, controversial RHOS cast member Lisa Oldfield has hinted several times on social media posts that she may likely not to return if certain co-stars return. However, a few days ago Oldfield took to Instagram with a telling message about whether she would rejoin the cast.

"If @rhosydney has taught me anything it is that I have an extremely #lowtolerance for #parvenu #snobs #illiterate #skanks and general #fu*kwits," she wrote in a now deleted tweet.

“Could do it all over again with the #amazing @athenaxlevendi @mattysamaei and @melissatkautz as for the rest? I’d rather stick bamboo in my urethra,” Oldfield wrote.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel