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Kim Fields Slams Her Time On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta In New Tell-All Book!

Kim Fields reflects on her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and reveals that she hated being on the Bravo hit reality show in her new memoir, Blessed Life, which was obtained by Radar Online, calling the entire experience was “bizarre.”

She explained that she was in the Bahamas with her children when she got a call that producers were interested in her, but she initially turned them down. Her agent set up a phone call with between her and producers a few days later anyway, and she questioned them about why she was being considered for a spot.

“Besides assuring me that I wasn’t being punk’d, they acknowledged being aware the show was out of my wheelhouse,” she wrote. “They had reasons: the cast was routinely shuffled, and they wanted to add a lighter tone, which they saw me providing. One of the company’s top executives called the next day to emphasize their interest. They knew what I stood for, he said. They knew I was not going to engage in the show’s trademark confrontations. They were good with that.”

“I had to admit, after the initial shock, Chris [Morgan, her husband] and I saw more positives than either of us imagined,” she added, noting that they discussed that their marriage was “unbreakable” before entering the reality TV world.

They agreed that doing RHOA would be a great move for Fields, and she was set to meet the girls at a party as part of her introductory scenes. But, her contract wasn’t finalized yet so she instead met Phaedra Parks at her home in the season’s second episode. She quickly realized that the show wasn’t what she expected it to be.

“There were highs and lows, a couple of fun moments, moments of feeling unsure of where I was going, but still in control…and I supposed no adventure is complete without a bit of danger,” she wrote, adding, “The truth of the matter was, I wasn’t going to compromise who I am and what I’m about, how I roll nor my safety for the sake of a storyline.”

“I tried to be still but ready for anything on this adventure,” she wrote. “At times, it was hard to see some of the women, grown women, interacting the way they did on and for the show.”

Fields admitted that she hated filming, saying: “Briefly looking back on the whole season, here’s some of what I discerned: Being myself, sharing my reality in a quasi-real reality can be a bizarre vibe.” She slammed her co-stars for not being authentic, and claimed that “for much of the filming [she] felt like [she] was in a chess game, constantly ready for and even trying to anticipate the moves of those in front of and behind the camera, while being strategic with [her] own, while staying a few moves ahead in [her] mind.”

Kim Fields' book Blessed Life is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel

Photo Credit: Bravo