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Kameron Westcott Responds To Sparkle Dog Food Haters!

Kameron Westcott reacts to some not-so-nice Amazon reviews of her Sparkle Dog food line, which have gone viral. “They are some haters!” the Real Housewives of Dallas star told Entertainment Tonight.

“I mean, I didn't even realize how many haters there are in this world, it makes me so sad. When somebody is doing such a great thing for, you know, a charity. You know, we're partnered with Susan G. Komen, and part of our proceeds donate to Susan G. Komen, and so, we're very excited about that.”

“There's a lot of positive things with our dog food,” she adds. “Dogs seem to love it. So, I can just hold my head up high and be so excited, 'cause it's going well.”

When asked if she has a message for the haters, Kameron simply said, “Just watch out. I’ll find you soon,” with a laugh.

Despite the haters coming for Kameron, she continues to win as her Sparkle Dog food line continues to find new locations. "SparkleDog Food hit another store today! We are thrilled!!," she shared on her Instagram page "The Market is seriously the cutest Market ever in Flowermound, TX and the sweetest owners!! Please go visit and get your @sparkledogfood and also ask for their amazing cookies and cream pudding!!"

Kameron and her co-star, D’Andra Simmons recently stepped out for the Vanderpump Dog Gala in Los Angeles, where they shared their thoughts on the RHOD reunion.

“They cut some stuff out, too, so viewers don't get to see half the stuff we really asked,” Kameron says. “So, that's kinda the annoying part.”

The ladies say they’re enjoying their time away from the cameras for now, though they’re both open to returning for season three.

“I'm honored if they want me back and I'd be so excited,” Kameron gushes. “But also, it's scary again, you know?”

“I'm not one to draw the line in the sand and say, 'I won't film with this person,' or 'I won't do that,' because I think it's a great experience,” D’Andra says. “I've had a great experience this year. There's always acrimony, it's a Housewives show! So, in the end, I enjoyed it. It was fun. So, I would love to come back if they ask us back and, you know, we'll see what happens!”

Photo Credit: Bravo