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Kameron Westcott: “Brandi Thinks That LeeAnne Does A Lot Of Inappropriate Things. Well, Hello — Brandi Does Too!”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott shares her thoughts on Part 2 of RHOD Season 2 Reunion. As Cary’s friend, tell us about what you think of her and Mark saying that they are just “sarcastic” with each other and that’s their relationship.
Kameron Westcott: I do believe Mark and Cary are “sarcastic” sometimes, but they truly love each other so much! It’s hard seeing people write on social media that they don’t see it that way. They only see a small tiny sliver of their relationship, but that’s not enough to ever judge someone by. You can ask anyone that knows them both, and all will say that they truly have a wonderful relationship. There’s just nothing else that needs to be said. What did you mean when you said that Brandi needs a reality check? 
KW: I said Brandi needed a reality check because she holds double standards sometimes. She expects things from other people but doesn’t hold herself to the same standards in return. What do you think about Brandi saying that you’ll be on the receiving end of LeeAnne’s comments? 
KW: Brandi just was trying to get me to understand her perspective and what it’s like to be in her position with LeeAnne. I get it, and I understand it! But I just don’t believe that LeeAnne would go out of her way to actually physically hurt someone — that’s just coo-coo crazy!

BravoTV: You used the phrase “double standard” to describe Brandi’s friendship with LeeAnne. Can you explain what you meant?
KW: Brandi thinks that LeeAnne does a lot of inappropriate things. Well, hello — Brandi does too! She wants LeeAnne to apologize for her actions and not do certain things...meanwhile, I’ve asked Brandi many times to do the same for myself, yet I have not seen any change on her end either! So to me, there’s a double standard. You can’t expect others to change until you agree to change, too!

BravoTV: Why do you say that D’Andra and LeeAnne are more like sisters? Were you surprised by Brandi’s response to that? 
KW: D’Andra and LeeAnne talk to each other like they are sisters! D’Andra will call out LeeAnne and put her in check if she ever is out of line, and she will always call it how it is. D’Andra tells LeeAnne everything to her face, so there is no fluff talk with these two. I don’t think Brandi likes the fact that I said this because she thinks that D’Andra allows Lee Anne to get away with her behavior, but she really doesn’t. D’Andra always calls LeeAnne out — always. They also respect each other like sisters! They trust each other’s judgement, listen to each other, apologize, and move on!

I also at that time learned that Brandi does not have a sister; I always thought that her sister-in-law was her full sister. Just goes to show that I truly don’t know Brandi and still need to get to know her better. Do you think that this group can come back together in a few months like D’Andra says? 
KW: I just don’t know how everyone in this group will ever be able to hang out together going forward. We have so many different personalities...every time we’re all together, I always feel extreme awkwardness. There’s never been a time with this group when I️ didn’t feel a weird energy coming from someone. As of right now...I’m pretty sure we don’t all want to hang out. Hahaha! What would Brandi need to do to get in your good graces? 
KW: Brandi would need to accept the fact that I’m just different. I would hope she would understand that I have different boundaries and that there’s nothing wrong with that. She needs to not judge me just because I’m a bit more conservative than she is. I don’t want to ever judge her either; I’m happy to accept that she’s more of a free spirit than I️ am...but if she does things in public that personally make me feel uncomfortable or makes other people around us feel that way, I’ll have to put my foot down.

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