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Gina Liano Explains Why She Found Newbie Sally Bloomfield “Offensive”; Says She “Had To Plead With Her To Leave” Her Alone — Sally Claims Gina ‘Didn’t Like’ That She Called Her Out On Her Behavior!

Gina Liano and Sally Bloomfield dish on the upcoming fourth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Gina get candid about their rocky relationship, admits she struggled getting to know newbie Bloomfield and doesn’t hold back on how she really feels about her new co-star.

“Sally and I were fine at the start,” Gina told TV WEEK. “But we didn’t end up in the same space.”

The glamours barrister says she found Bloomfield “offensive”. According to Gina, there was a moment during filming which saw the pair, who knew each other before the show, go from friends to foes.

“She [Sally] was trying to prove a point and accused me of being someone I’m not,” Gina explains. “I tried to tell her that I didn’t want to spend time with someone who’s doing that, and she needed to back off. I had to plead with her to leave me alone.”

Meanwhile, Sally, who lost her husband, Ian Robertson, to cancer last year admits she has no regrets about her behavior and claims that Gina was a tormentor.

“The other girls will vouch for that,” said Sally. “I called Gina out on something. She didn’t like it and came back at me in not a very nice way. I just tried not to engage,” she told TV WEEK. “I had said my piece, hoping she would check her behavior but it got worse from there.”

The mother-of-two adds that, at times, she felt out of place. “There’s a lot of history from previous seasons that I wasn’t part of,” Sally explains. “It was challenging to try to keep up and interject when it [the issues] had nothing to do with me. [The show’s] producers want you to get in there and have an opinion – but it was hard at times.”

Despite feeling like an outsider at times , the hotelier and former Melbourne editor of Harper’s Bazaar says she was grateful that the other housewives had her back.

“I think the other women have witnessed a lot of that over the years [on the reality series],” she added. “I stood up to her [Gina], and she didn’t like it. I obviously hit a nerve. You will see that I’m not a bully. I just call things as I see them.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel