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Gina Liano Admits Filming The New Season Of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Was Her Hardest Yet Due To Her Father’s Passing!

Gina Liano reveals that filming the new season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne was the hardest for her since her 83 year-old father passed away as production commenced. The glamorous barrister admits that caring for her dad, Nick Liano, in his last days was traumatic.

“He sort of died in my arms. It was very sad,” she told The Herald Sun. “It happened the week I was meant to start filming. Production had started and I was with him in hospital, in palliative care.

“I was his medical guardian so I had to make all the decisions; how much morphine he should have, his medication, and I didn’t know how he was feeling,” she explained to the publication.

Instead of taking time to grieve, Gina reveals that instead of taking time to grieve for her father's passing, she plunged headlong into filming commitments.

“The (production) gave me a break that week, they didn’t have a choice, quite frankly,” she says. “I probably should have had a real break, because then I spent the rest of the season saying, ‘God I’m so exhausted’.”

Liano says her co-stars were supportive, within limits. “As time went on I worked out that they’d become less supportive. I could feel the shift in their approach towards me. But I think they did cut me a bit of slack at the start. The girls that I’m closest to, being Lydia and Venus, were a great support, they’re amazing.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel