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Gamble Breaux Teases RHOMelbourne Season 4 Drama Between Newbie Sally Bloomfield And Gina Liano!

Gamble Breaux is spilling the tea about the upcoming fourth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. During a recent radio interview, the blonde beauty teases dramatic confrontation between Gina Liano and newcomer Sally Bloomfield.

"She took Gina on, she's gone straight to the top," Gamble told Fitzy and Wippa about the upcoming showdown between Bloomfield and Liano.

Meanwhile, Sally, who was also at the radio interview said jokingly that she "must have been drunk at the time" she signed on to star on the Foxtel hit reality series.

"You walked into a landmine!' host Fitzy told Sally.

Meanwhile, Breaux discusses about her friendship with Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield. She reveals that the two were friends in their younger years, spending the school holidays together as their families stayed at the same beach.

"She was always naughty," Gamble exclaimed of Lisa, who is married to former politician David Oldfield.

When Fitzy asked the Breaux whether she fancied David, she quickly replied: "I'd rather shag Kevin Rudd!"

Sally chimed in: "Kevin Rudd's like a flaccid penis, isn't he?"

Following their interview, the two RHOMelbourne stars competed in one of Fitzy and Wippa's infamous rap battle, with newcomer Sally being crowned as the winner of the battle.

Gamble did not take defeat graciously, promptly giving her new co-star the middle finger. Watch it below!

Transcript courtesy via The Daily Mail Australia!

Photo Credit: Foxtel