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Gamble Breaux Defends Explosive First Season Of The Real Housewives Of Sydney; Says Season 2 “Will Be Great” — Real Housewives Of Melbourne Newbie Sally Bloomfield Slams Athena X Levendi And Lisa Oldfield’s ‘Unnecessary Nasty’ Behavior!

The cast of The Real Housewives of Melbourne think viewers should cut The Real Housewives of  Sydney some slack and come to their defense after explosive first season. “It will calm down. The first season is always crazy … Just give it time,” Gamble Breaux told The Daily Telegraph. “It was their first season, I am sure season two will be great.”

Jackie Gillies added that viewers should remember they are only seeing a small part of what is filmed.

“I don’t think anybody deserves to have a drink thrown in their face. But they might have been filming for 15 hours, we don’t know, we just saw a quick snippet,” said Gillies.

Gillies said she had a feeling the RHOS would certainly return for a second season.

However, not all RHOMelbourne ladies agree with Gamble. Some admit that they were shocked by the drama in the first series of RHOS.

Newcomer Sally Bloomfield said she was shocked by the actions of RHOS stars Lisa Oldfield and Athena X Levendi, believing they were “unnecessarily nasty.”

“I didn't think they should have been on the show. They were a little bit wrong.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel