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Danielle Staub To Dolores Catania: “One Thing You Got Right...I Am A Bitch, But Only If I Am Pushed”

Danielle Staub is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle Staub says that Dolores Catania only flew off the handle, because she didn't want Teresa to know what she'd said.

Danielle writes:

"This week's episode includes a lot of scumbags, hot tempers, and poking a sleeping bear. Let's start there..


Anyone can see how much you are handling between your four daughters, your dad, and Joe being away. You can tell you are really focused on your family. I think you answered Milania's questions eloquently, especially how you responded to how she saw your mom cooking in the kitchen. That would have broken even the strongest person, but you made it into something positive by saying, "That's a good thing.” You are standing strong—great job, mommy. 


I love that you are seeing who I truly am, and I want to thank you for speaking up about that. You understood why I was shaken up by Dolores. Thank you for your compassion in those moments. Now, I have to validate a point that you made—"Who doesn't get an apology?” It was your birthday, for God's sake! It was so cute when you had Margaret and Joseph over for dinner, and I loved the Joey Gorga porn version of how Margaret and Joseph met as opposed to the real version, but I think I would like to hear more about both. I just love you and Joey. #Couplegoals 


You and your mom are definitely cut from the same cloth, but I think you might have done a little more of the raising than I had anticipated, rather than being raised. I have to admit, though…Marge Sr. steals my heart every time I see her. I mean, come on—sexting?! You go, girl! "Sexy Grandma!" You better be good. "I'm not afraid of things” is my favorite quote so far. I love you. Please, next time, don't hold back. We want to hear details.

Margaret, I still admire everything you do and stand for, and I'm sorry you missed all the fun at Siggy's party, so let me try to fill you in on my end anyway. Which, by the way, is the only end you want to hear, because you know you want the truth! As you may know, I've been known to poke a hibernating bear or two in my day, and I make no exceptions when it comes to Dolores. 


CAKE?! Is it really that important what we did with the cake? Are we REALLY still talking about the cake? Clearly, you need to learn how to let things go, honey. I mean, humiliating Melissa that way in front of your friends in your home…who does that?! I was certainly embarrassed for you, as well, and I felt very sorry for your friends when you announced, "Everybody, I want to ask you a question. I want everybody to shut up!" You then proceeded to banter on about the cake. It's too painful to keep repeating, and I think everyone gets the gist of it. I think even Dolores looked a little uncomfortable when you were laying on the floor. Attacking Melissa like that after inviting her to your home was unacceptable. Now you owe her two apologies. LOL, as if!


Dolores, Dolores, Dolores. Where do I begin, and in how many ways do I want to buy you a thesaurus? You and I both know that the only reason you got so upset is because you didn't expect me to tell Teresa what you said. 

I expected you to be mad about that, but boy you are full of surprises. You lied, and the other side of your brain (Siggy) swore to it. Just because you both swear to it doesn't mean you're telling the truth. In my book, someone who gets that upset doesn't scream innocent to me. I can tell you this: If you had just owned up to it, you would have known that what I was going to say is that you were just trying to save me from getting my feelings hurt, and if you want to ask anyone why you would do this for me, it’s because I think that you felt comfortable and close enough to me since you were dropping your son off at my house so that he could speak to Marty about some of the decisions on his future. I know Frankie is going to be successful. He is a nice young man who will go very far in life—you should be very proud.

Of course you felt good about you and I, and you should. I'm a good person, a good listener, and a loyal friend. Everything else that you were saying didn't throw me off, but what you said about Teresa confused me. Let's just see how this is going to unfold. I'm not starving, I'm not hungry, I am a little crazy (I mean who isn't), but I don't want anything—especially revenge. That's just not the kind of person that I am, and at the age of 55, there is no one that really knows me that would say differently. One thing you got right...I am a bitch, but only if I am pushed. I suppose you will never tell the truth, because you have taken the lie too far now. But I can tell you this: I have a strange talent for remembering things, circumstances, words, etc. I bet you wish you were "the etc." right now, don't you? I think you are a very strong woman, much to your credit, but don't let your ego and your pride get in your way, sweetheart. Just sayin'."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo