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Cynthia Bailey Dishes On RHOA Season 10: “I’m Getting Back To Being Cynthia And Having Fun This Season”

During a recent interview with Huffington Post, Cynthia Bailey spills the tea on what viewers can expect in the new season The Real Housewives of Atlanta and also dishes on the new addition of Eva Marcille, Phaedra Parks departure, NeNe Leakes' return and dating after divorce.

HP: Your cast had a bit of a shift this year, with Phaedra Parks departing the show, Nene Leakes rejoining the cast, and Kim Zolciak and Eva Marcille appearing frequently. How does it feel to have a bit of cast shakeup? 

CB: It feels great, I can’t believe it’s season ten! It’s a big season for me actually, lots of new beginnings. I almost feel like I am having a Cynthia rebirth. I’ve divorced, I am newly single, I have a new home with Lake Bailey, and I am turning fifty which is everything. Season Ten is a big milestone for me as well. it’s kind of great that it all lined up for my #50Cynt rebirth year! I kind of borrowed 50 Cent’s name, I hope he doesn’t mind (laughs). It really represents Cynthia at fifty; we’re spelling it different, but I’m really running with it all season.

HP: With Phaedra Parks departing this season, does it feel different for you? You joined the show with Phaedra during Season Three, so there must have been somewhat of a kinship with her. 

CB: You know what, it does feel different. We did start on the show together and while we were not the closest of friends, I always felt this little bond with her because we started this journey together. It is different without her being around.

HP: You have a fellow model joining the mix with Eva Marcille joining the mix. How is it having a fellow model joining you and the ladies? 

CB: You know it’s interesting because we have a lot of friends in common through modeling and things like that. I have an eyewear line, now she has an eyewear line. She is also a fashion girl and that was all I did before I joined the show. She is one of the younger girls on the show, and I think that’s great. She brings a whole different demographic to the show and her point of view is her own. I love when we get some new blood. I look at the show like this; it’s always a good soup, but sometimes you have to add extra potatoes, extra onions, and sometimes you may have to take some of the meat out, put some back in. You really have to keep changing the recipe up, or you just have plain soup! You have to always reinvent. Even with Nene coming back, she was part of the show for so long, and now she is back, which is great. You always have to keep mixing it up.

HP: What kind of #50Cynt are we going to see this season? Is this a reinvention of sorts?

CB: This is the number one show on the network. I mean, we have a good time, but we have definitely grown. I am not the same woman that I was during Season One. This is my eighth season and the tenth season of the show. This will be the first season you will see me on the show without Peter (Thomas) on the show as my husband-officially; I will be dating other people. When I turned fifty, my goal was to be me and not apologize for being me. It was to get back to being Cynthia and get back to having fun. Going through a divorce is not fun, and leading up to it is not fun. I want to have fun. I have no regrets. A lot of good things came out of my marriage, but I am moving forward and I don’t want to overthink anything. I don’t think I have to validate myself or validate my reasons for doing anything. I am fifty years old and there is a certain privilege that comes with being fifty. I am here, just let me live my life.

Read full interview courtesy via Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Bravo