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Brandi Redmond Reflects On RHOD Season 2: “This Journey Is Fun, Exciting, Emotional And Hard All In One”

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond shares her thoughts on RHOD reunion, gives an update on her relationship with her grandmother and reflects on Season 2.

Brandi writes:

"First, I want to say “thank you” all for your love and support these past few years. This journey is fun, exciting, emotional and hard all in one. I want to be the first to say that I appreciate your comments and opinions, and that includes when I have offended some. But I will say that what I love most is that you let me know, not by tearing me down but by making me aware. For that, I am forever grateful for the chance to hear you. I love you all and thank you for joining us.

The reunion was a chance for us to hear each other and let it all out. I want to address my family first because this is first to me. My visit to my grandmother was a hard one; my grandmother had been very sick and did not answer her door due to being on an oxygen tank. My grandmother would never blame me for anything and that includes having a relationship with my grandfather. I love her dearly and would never want to hurt her and not tell the truth.

Looking back at the year and what we went through definitely changes my perspectives on people. It’s so easy for us all to go through life and think that we have been dealt a good or bad card, but life is what we make of it. I, for one, want to see the best in people. This is not based on where they live, what they look like, or what they wear, but who they are as an individual. Throughout my life, I was in and out of 13 different schools and always found laughter to be my outlet through tough times. All I ever wanted was to make people laugh, and in the end, I hope I did just that.

Kameron, even though you and I don’t always see eye to eye on humor, I appreciate you and your dedication to the things that mean so much to you. I wish Sparkle Dog all the success and wish you a Pinktastic New Year!

D’Andra, good luck with Hard Night Good Morning and your ventures taking over the business. I loved getting to know you in Mexico. I know you’ll have your hands full with the bride-to-be but you are welcome to borrow Sexual Chocolate for the bachelorette party.

LeeAnne, you have a giving heart. Watching the reunion, my “tender-heart” felt bad for not having compassion. Prayers for healing not only through your therapy but for broken friendships. I also owe you an apology (which I will give in person) for going off on you at your engagement brunch. I let my emotions get the best of me and should have pulled you aside or waited. You don’t have to accept my apology, but I do apologize — I mean it.

Cary, what a crazy year of ups and downs. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me, but you know I will keep beating myself up. Your sarcastic ass makes me lmao. Keep doing you.

Stephanie, I’m so glad you accepted my rose. I love you, gorgeous friend, and I promise that I will communicate for the rest of my life when it comes to my marriage and best friend.

In the end, we made it, ladies…love you all and cheers to NEW BEGINNINGS!

Now I need some Jesus Juice!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo