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Tamra Judge Reveals She Is Cancer-Free!

Tamra Judge confirms she is no longer battling skin cancer. “I had Surgury [sic] last week and today I found out I am Melanoma Free margins are clear,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared on social media last week, along with a photo of her stitches.

“Save YOUR ass and get a full body skin check. @cacoastalderm thank you for all you do. #sunblock #skincheck #melanomaawareness #HoagCancerCenter #TanningbedsShouldBeBanned,” Judge concluded her caption.

In late August, we reported that Judge discovered melanoma on the left cheek of her bottom and had to put a bodybuilding competition plans on hold to remove the cancerous mole.

Judge previously had three spots that turned out to be basil cell skin cancer, and one squamous cell skin cancer, all of which can be treated with early detection and by quickly removing the skin cells. A procedure in early January left a scar on Judge’s arm.

Photo Credit: Bravo