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Stephanie Hollman Says Cary Deuber’s Friendship Is “Worth Fighting For” And Explains Why LeeAnne Locken Likes To “Stir The Pot” In Her Favor!

Stephanie Hollman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Stephanie Hollman weighs in on all the drama between Cary Deuber, Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken at Brandi's La La white party.

Stephanie writes:

"As I watched Cary talk to Mark about our Mexico trip, I felt for her because I absolutely see where she is coming from. As a friend to both Brandi and Cary, it was a tough position for me to be in. The last thing I wanted was to be put in the middle and lose a friend over a fight that had nothing to do with me. I love both of these girls, and we always have so much fun together. I wish the three of us could have enjoyed Mexico a little more as a group.

At the Brandi Land white party, when Brandi told me that Leeanne said that Cary said she would never be friends with me and Brandi, my first thought is to look at the source, LeeAnne. I have a great relationship with Cary, so I can’t possibly wrap my head around the idea that Cary would just say something like that for no reason. I know Cary, and I know LeeAnne. One thing that I have learned well this past year is that LeeAnne likes to set up situations to work in her favor no matter who it hurts! She has spread lies about all of us, so what reason do I have to believe that she is telling the truth now? Her motive has always been to hurt others while deflecting from her own issues. There is absolutely nothing that leads me to believe anything is different this time. This just seems a little too fishy to me, and I have every intention of getting to the bottom of it!

Watching this episode reaffirms my belief that LeeAnne is the source of this issue. During LeeAnne’s FaceTime conversation with Brandi, LeeAnne very clearly wanted to involve herself. She wasn’t trying to be a good friend to Brandi; she was plotting to be a good villain to Cary. LeeAnne said she wanted to hear Cary say it to “our” faces.  She wanted the four of us to all sit down and discuss what was said, but why did she need to be there? The answer: To stir the pot while thickening her plot! She said she was coming to the party to say something to Cary so "we" could hold her feet to the fire. What? Who goes to a party specifically to try and hurt someone? Oh wait…are we seeing a pattern here? Case in point, my Halloween party! Leanne was ready to attack Cary from the moment she walked in the door. Someone with that much pent-up anger is dangerous. Her amazing recovery from being on the couch the night before so ill that she could hardly move, to showing up with the intention of attacking someone is bullying in its simplest form. This is scary, toxic, and clearly a pattern that needs to stop!

I didn’t agree with Brandi bringing up Cary being the nurse and nanny to Mark’s kids before they got together. Kids should never be involved in our group’s drama, this instance included! This is unusual behavior for Brandi, and I can’t help but notice LeeAnne’s reactions during this scene. It’s like she almost gets a high from watching Cary squirm — very disturbing! Or, should I say, very LeeAnne!

In that moment, I could clearly see that Cary was very hurt. I think Cary could tell how hurt Brandi and I were by her comment, but I almost feel as though we weren’t able to have a full conversation because LeeAnne was yelling at someone in between every breath. If the attention is not on you, I guess you’re supposed to throw a wine glass on the ground, rip off your belt, and get in someone’s face? Hmm, not my idea of conflict resolution! #JesusHelpMe

I know Cary genuinely has love for Brandi and myself, as do we for her. This friendship is clearly worth fighting for. I want to sit down and have a conversation, in private, so we can work this out before it is too late, and the damage is unrepairable. I am not going to prolong having another discussion with a friend because LeeAnne is in the middle again. I feel some puzzle pieces starting to align!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo