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Sonja Morgan Still Dating Both Rocco And Frenchie, Says Sources!

Sonja Morgan recently has seen spotted out with businessman Rocco Ancarola. However, Rocco is only one of her boyfriends. As you may recall, the Real Housewives of New York City star is also dating 39-year-old Frenchie, whose real name is Edgar Vaudeville, which was part of her storyline last season.

However, sources reveal that Sonja has been seeing Rocco for a couple of years but he is more of a friend than a lover.

"They spend time together but they are not having sex,' an inside source revealed to The Daily Mail. "He is trying to win her over, and he is persistent. He really likes her but her heart is elsewhere." That 'elsewhere' is Frenchie.

Sonja sees Frenchie only part time as he has been busy in the Burgundy region of France setting up his new hotel, which is the called Hotel Central, reports The Daily Mail.

"Frenchie has said he is crazy about her and he wants to marry her, but he lives in in Baume, France, not the U.S. so it's very hard," said the source.

"Sonja would love to drop everything and move to France to be with him," but it's just not that easy.

"He is only 39, he is quite young, and he's never had children. They could always adopt together, but that can be challenging. And then again he is so busy in France," the source continued. "She has a career in New York City, she spends five months of the year taping Real Housewives Of New York, and a 17-year-old daughter she is very close too, so she can't drop everything."

"So while she'd love to be with Frenchie all the time, it's hard."

But Sonja has yet to make a decision about what to do. "She loves him and she loves that he has his own career. He is really great to her, he treats her well, so it's fun, it's good," said the source.

Meanwhile, Rocco is a gentleman too. "Sonja loves that he treats her like a lady and is so sweet," added the source. "And she likes that he is trying so hard to win her over. He is in the wings for her, he is waiting patiently."

Photo Credit: Bravo