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Shannon Beador And Kelly Dodd Reportedly Bonding Over Marriage Issues!

According to a new report, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd are no longer feuding and are finally bonding — unfortunately it's over their marriage problems. “Surprisingly, after all the drama between the two of them this season, Shannon and Kelly are actually leaning on each other for support right now,” a source close to Dodd told Radar Online.

“Shannon knows what Kelly is going through because both of them are stuck in miserable marriages that just aren’t working!”

Dodd recently announced that she was “done” with her marriage to husband of 11 years, Michael, and was planning to file for divorce for a second time from him.

Meanwhile, the gossip site reports that Shannon is at her breaking point in her miserable marriage with hubby David, who infamously cheated on his wife in 2015 with brunette beauty, Nicole McMackin.

“The only difference between Michael and David is that David is fame hungry and Michael isn’t,” said the source.

“But Shannon knows what Kelly is going through and they both also share the common love of alcohol. Since the season wrapped, the two of them have been hanging out and David cannot stand that fact that his wife is hanging out with Kelly because he thinks she is just awful.”

Photo Credit: Bravo