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Scheana Marie Is Reportedly ‘Depressed’ Over ‘Complicated’ Breakup With Robert Valletta!

According to a new report, Scheana Marie is devastated over her split from Robert Valletta. “Rob and Scheana are super complicated,” an insider told Radar Online. “They will hang and ‘date’ while he’s in town, but they are not together and Rob considers himself very single,” the insider added, noting that they attended a football game on Oct. 22 together.

“He still adores Scheana but he wants to focus on his career,” the insider explained. “Rob went to Italy to clear his head before they broke up and realized that he needs to focus on himself.”

“Scheana wants Rob and is depressed, but she still wants to keep him in her life so she’s also focusing on herself and seeing him when he’s in town,” the insider concluded.

Insiders told Radar Online that Marie is already regretting her decision to divorce Shay, 30, saying: “Shay was her best friend. She misses being married and the companionship.”

Last week, Valetta revealed the breakup news in the comments of an Instagram picture he posted. When asked where his "beautiful girlfriend" is, Valetta replied, "Sadly we broke up, we are still amazing friends and we adore each other. We will see what happens."

A source told E! News, "Because of work commitments, Scheana and Rob felt it best to hit pause on their relationship for now. They're still very involved in each other's lives and remain optimistic about their future."

A second insider adds, "Right now the timing isn't right for them romantically but he has nothing but good things to say about Scheana. He'd be open to reconnecting maybe at some point but it's just not the right time now to date. They're still in touch, of course. They won't stop being friends but Rob considers himself pretty single right now."

Scheana and Robert broke up less than a year after they started dating. Scheana began dating Robert in early 2017, following her split from her husband, Mike Shay, in November 2016 (their divorce was finalized back in April). Scheana and Robert had been friends for more than 10 years before things turned romantic for the pair.

Photo Credit: Google Images