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RHONJ Newbie Margaret Josephs Explains The Story Behind Her Signature Pigtails!

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Margaret Josephs is notoriously known for only wearing her hair in pigtails and in a new interview, the 50-year-old businesswoman explains the story behind her pigtails. “Everybody asked about the pigtails,” Josephs tells PEOPLE Style.

“I mean listen, it makes a statement. I’m not at the age of kindergarten when normally people start [wearing] their pigtails but you know they got used to it, everybody learns to love the pigtails. It just goes with my personality.”

Josephs says she used to wear her hair in pigtails as a kid, took a break from them for a “teeny bit” as an adult, but ultimately went back to her signature style. “I realized they were very disarming,” she explains. “People would mention them when I would wear them and you know people underestimate a girl in a pigtails and it’s much more important in business to be underestimated because then you [can] easily take over. So I liked it. They’re charming; they’re underestimated and who doesn’t love a girl in pigtails? Well maybe they don’t but usually they do.”

Josephs owns her own fashion and accessories business, Macbeth Collection by Margaret Josephs, and says wearing her hairstyle at work has earned her the nickname, “powerhouse in pigtails.”

The only time she ever deviates from her go-to style is when she opts for a poof on the top of her head or a high bun. In fact, when asked if she’ll ever get sick of answering inquiries about her hair she answered: “No it works on me. Even my husband loves it — he’s like wear the pigtails today. I don’t know it just works on my face. I’m just so used to it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo