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RHOC Recap: Mystic Mistake [Episode 15]

We started off with Vicki Gunvalson getting her heart checked out. The OG of the OC is convinced that her continued beef with Tamra and Shannon will give her a stroke. What is it with these OC ladies blaming each other for their health problems? Anyway the producers threw in a bunch of the classic Vicki meltdowns to remind us how stressed she can get. Seeing Vicki yell in a pitch that only dogs can hear reminded me that she has really mellowed out these last 4 seasons. Good job Vic, maybe it was the help of xanax.

Over in Messy King Edmond's McMansion she had her friend Mystic Michaela over. Ugh. I hate a Housewives psychic. It really is just a waste of an episode, especially this one. Mystic Michaela probably saw Meghan walking around with her old husband and knew that she could con thousands out of the dumb blonde. Tamra, Shannon and Peggy all came over to get their auras read and (surprise) Peggy doesn't like psychics. Why come to a psychic party if you're not getting your aura read? Mystic Michaela "read" Tamra and Shannon which is 5 minutes of my life down the drain.

The girls sat down for dinner when Lydia came over. She conveniently missed the psychic portion of the night because (surprise again) christian Lydia doesn't like psychics either. She invited all the girls on her trip to Iceland and they all said yes. It annoys me when Housewives have cast trips and they all have to pretend like this is the first time they are getting invited and that Lydia just magically planned the trip all by herself. And of all places they chose Iceland? Take these California girls to a house in The Bahamas and let them drink and fight as much as they want, but Iceland? I'm getting cold thinking about it.

Vicki and Kelly were invited but they decided to have dinner over at Kelly's because they hate psychics. What is it with this groups aversion to psychics? I get Vicki hates them because thats how the Brooks cancer scandal got exposed. Lydia had to call these two and "invite" them to her Iceland trip which Vicki wasn't happy about because of her beef with the other girls. Kelly swore that she would stick by her side (unlike Vicki did in Ireland.) I think what I've learned from this entire season is that Kelly is the voice of reason and maybe the best person on the show? Maybe it's her new boobs, maybe it's the fact that she's watched herself on TV - I don't know but Kelly really is the star of the show. Sorry Vicki.

Back at Meghan's "Mystic Michaela" dinner, Peggy brought up her beef with Shannon over the fact that David "questioned" Diko about her cancer. Shannon started off calm and rational but as soon as Peggy replied, she attacked back and got too emotional - in true Shannon fashion. But once Peggy borrowed Lisa Rinna's phrase "Do you trust your husband?" all HELL broke loose. I wasn't even sure what they were fighting about and then suddenly Lydia was involved in the drama. The only thing this fight did was highlight the fact that Shannon isn't in control of her emotions. All season we've seen her angry outbursts and it leads back to one road - her marriage to David Beador. Peggy and Shannon tried to sort out their issues but Peggy left crying because no one supported her. It was such a weird night and I seriously just want to reach through the screen and hug Shannon because she isn't okay.

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