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Peggy Sulahian: “I Wanted To Talk To Shannon But All She Did Was Twist What I Said”

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Peggy Sulahian weighs in on her husband Diko's conversation with Shannon Beador and talks about her anniversary party.

Peggy writes:

"Trials and perspective...

Watching Vicki in the cardiologist’s office took me back to when I began my difficult journey. Hearing that she has an abnormal EKG and an enlarged heart was not easy. Through my trial, Vicki has been one person that has encouraged me and shown concern. I hope that I can be there for her. Yet, her new perspective about life gives me hope. I know what it is like to face a situation that directs your mind to thinking of life’s uncertainties, but it takes great strength to overcome them and refocus on what really matters in life. It is important to reevaluate priorities, relationships, and circumstances. “Whooping it up,” seems to be the way to go. Her decision not to attend Meghan’s dinner revealed that she is focusing on herself.

Like I said at Meghan’s house, I have no interest in the psychic. I wanted to support Meghan out of respect and was later notified that she had a special guest. My path has been laid out and I am content in holding on to my faith. However, having said that, the dinner presentation was beautiful. Meghan’s Chef David did a wonderful job with the food and it was delicious. And to top things off was Lydia’s invitation to Iceland. I have never been to Iceland nor have I been on a girls trip. I usually travel with my family and I know this sounds odd in this day and age! But I am sure it will be a fun adventure. Wait, what am I supposed to pack? It was comforting to see that we were all in the same boat trying to figure out what to pack. Too bad the luggage is small!

Coming back to the dinner party, I guess I pushed the WRONG button with Shannon. Unbeknownst to me, she had issues with David. That’s why all the jaws dropped. It never crossed my mind that Shannon was in such a fragile state. It is clear to me now that this poor woman is dealing with so many issues in her life and that explains why she is lashing out everywhere. My intention was to clear the air and make peace with her. I don’t like conflict with others and I want people to know where I stand on issues. It is never good to push things “under the rug.” I wanted to talk to Shannon but all she did was twist what I said, retaliate, yell, and cry. At that time, I was still recovering from surgery and I was not as grounded as I am today. All I was looking for from these women was support and friendship. Kudos to Meghan for calling it as she saw it. I do apologize to Meghan for ruining her beautiful dinner, yet shouldn’t the psychic have predicted the clashing of colors?

Ironically, Shannon does address Tamra’s issue with clarity stating, that God has a plan for all of us and sometimes you have to go through a lot of pain. Maybe all she needs is a good cry! But it is hard to watch her in so much pain. Marital troubles can rock any house.

Lesson learned, not going to any more psychic events!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo